This USV is developed for remote operated oil spill response and tow operations, with able space for instalment of various equipment.

The shallow draft and nimble size allows for coastal operations, and the proven seakeeping capabilities ensures secure operations at open seas as well.

The propulsion package has been chosen for maximum bollard pull. The ducted and protected propeller is in line with near coastal operations.

The propulsion package is fitted with PTO for power supply to skimmer or other equipment.

Benefits by being significantly lighter than market average are lower fuel consumption and lighter lifting equipment on launch site or mother vessel. Streamlined hull and superstructure supporting the great and proven sailing capabilities.

The high and stable superstructure provides a good platform for Line-of-Sight sensors and remote control.

Furthermore, the amble installation space adds protection for equipment and a clutter free deck.

Remote operated towing hook of sufficient size and fixed wire lead essential for towing operations.

The superstructure is designed to handle adverse weather and provide a stable platform for towing operations.

Furthermore, ensuring able installation space for various equipment inside, minimizing clutter top side.
Design: 2022
Length overall, approx.: 10,10 m
Beam overall, approx.: 2,50 m
Capacity: Unmanned
Pay load: 2.000 kg
Range: 250 nm
Bollard pull: 5.000 kg
Engines: 1 x Inboard diesel engines
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