10 MHz
8 GHz | 245 MHz I/Q streaming (via 2 x USB) | 245 MHz TX

SPECTRAN® V6 X is the world's first and only 8 GHz USB spectrum analyzer with dual USB true I/Q streaming of up to 245 MHz (via 2xUSB) instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q).

It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10 ns and thus captures even extremely short signals.

Furthermore, the SPECTRAN V6 X integrates a vector signal generator/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 245 MHz.

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)
EOD TOOLS & KITS (49 Pieces Kit)

NMT has a long history in the explosive  
ordnance disposal business. The first non-
magnetic tools were designed and developed in  
collaboration with UK Navy engineers and  
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The SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO is a portable re-al-time spectrum analyzer, designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. Both its scanning speed and recording time are unrivaled.

The analyzer scans 20 GHz in less than 20 ms, making it the world’s fastest counter-surveillance receiver

• Rugged outdoor spectrum analyzer
• Real-time bandwidth of up to 175 MHz
• Certified per MIL-STD-810G andIP65
• Radio monitoring and enforcement

The world’s fastest real-time analyzer software

We are one of the earliest signal jammer and booster wholesale traders.

We have established much cooperation with many great telecommunication companies to finish every client’s special requirements.

Our Signal jammer can block almost all Wireless Remote Control Devices, Wireless Telecommunication Devices and some Wireless SPY Devices, etc.

We are totally complying with all regulations of defense and security industry and we have been at the forefront of working with governments and industry bodies to achieve this.

Our business culture and cautious yet thorough approach to the provision of security leads to a clear ethos of professionalism, Integrity and respect.
Excavation tools and hammers Supplied in a green sturdy fabric bag.

NON-MAG TOOLS has a long history in the explosive ordnance disposal business. The first non-magnetic tools were designed and developed in collaboration with UK Navy engineers and divers.
EOD TOOLS & KITS (36 Pieces Kit)

General purpose tools made from beryllium copper,phosphorous bronze and aluminum
NMT has a long history in the explosive ordnance disposal business. The first non-magnetic tools were designed and developed in collaboration with UK Navy engineers and divers.

ER3 is a light explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot from our big gamut mainly to grab, remove and dispose the explosives.
The robot arm is flexible and can be operated in narrow space.
With its track band, it has powerful moving capacity.
So it is applicable in various tough situation, such as sand ,grass and slope and so on.
The robot is rough, dust proof ,waterproof , shockproof and performs well in every function.


- Powerful moving capacity: with its track band , it can move on stairs, gaps.
- Fast movement. The speed can be adjustable.
- Compact size, can put in car
- Flexible grab arm
- The battery ,flat and arm are disassemble ,replaceable
- Rough product, dustproof ,waterproof , shockproof


Size:810 X 550 X 460mm
Weight: : <=30Kg (without batteries)
Battery weight: 4kg (total 24V, 20AH), can be expanded to 8kg (total 24V, 40AH)
Robot load capacity: >=10kg
Maximum speed:0-1.5m/s
Climb ability:200mm obstacles; 38 ° stairs; 40 ° slope
Operating hours: 3 hours
Protection class: IP65
Chassis height: Minimum 45mm from the ground
Effective arm length: 164mm
Effective ann angle :0 ~+ 360°
Manipulator weight:<= 15Kg
The maximum wingspan: 2000mm
Base rotation angle: -120~+ 120 °
Big ann tilt angle: 10 ~ 180 °
Small aim tilt angle: 20 ~ 180 °
Wrist rotation angle: -150 ~ + 150 °
Grab range: 0~ 170mm
PTZ pitch angle: -30 ~ + 90 °
PTZ rotation angle: 0 ~ + 360 °
Grab ability: 8kg (when arm is folded); 3kg (when ann is fully extended)
Vertical grab height: 1350mm
Horizontal grab distance: 1200mm
portable X-ray scanner

Application: Security inspection, criminal investigation, smuggling and factory product quality testing.
Features: high-resolution image and compact and lightweight design

The Bomb Search Kit is an inexpensive kit  
designed for IED search operation.
It contains a portable video scope, portable  
drill, as well as an assortment of tools.
(NSN 5180-99-322-3537)
NR-900EK3M ‘EAGLE’ Non-linear junction detectors

Detection of mines and explosive device with electronic fuses (activation system) concealed on the ground surface, slightly in the ground (snow), under the road pavement and within various facilities.

MK4 HOOK & LINE Developed in close cooperation with the British Army, the Mk4 Hook & Line Kit provides a variety of components for attaching a line to a suspected IED and devices for anchoring snatch blocks to floors, walls and windows and door frames.
(NSN 1385-99-665-5985)
NR-2000 Non-linear junction detector

STT GROUP Non-Linear Junction Radar NR-2000 is intended to search secretly installed radio equipment that contains semiconductor components (radio controlled explosive devices, explosive devices with timer, mobile phones, etc.).

PB6 Forcible door entry device is one pneumatic device to break into door and window. Its remote control design can ensure the safety of the operator.

As the device of police ,firefighting, army and enterprise, it can be fast to break into various doors of residential building, office building ,public building and rescue the life or block the criminal.

Application: Wooden door, metal door, outward open door ,inward open door , security door and 15 lock points security door

Made up: It is consist of door opener host, tube, remote control ,pressure reducing valve, external high-pressure cylinders and other accessories.

Fast: Several seconds to break into the door.


- No electric components and no oil. Can be used in harsh environments and industries.
- Air control system: Power is the natural air which is safe and available.
- Remote control.
- Water and rust resistance.
- Easy to operate without professional training.
- Light and compact: 16.5 KGS and can be operated by one person.

The door breacher DB6 can break into iron door, multi function doors and security doors with virtually silent operation.

It is consist of 12V DC generator, pressure pump, hydraulic tank ,sealed container and break device.

The device is made from composite material and it is compact and portable.


- Fast: Only 20 seconds from setup to break the door.
- Virtually silent operation
The noise is less than 50 DB within 5 meters distance
- High efficiency
Located on the door and make the operator go through easily
- Safety
Wireless remote control option
- High power
It can break the security door with 8 locks
- Multi function
Can break iron door, multi function door, security door and so on
- The battery set can last for 4 hours and open at least 20 doors
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