Dimensions 5.65Χ2.4Χ2.9m
Transport Dimensions 5.65Χ2.1Χ2.4m
Designed Displacement 1250kg
Sea State Operational SS-3
Survival SS-5
Maximum Speed 12 knt
Operating Speed 6-8 knt
Operating Range 20hrs
Max Payload 150kg (approx 0.9m³)
Communication Range 15km
Water Barrier Distance Detection 75m

M80B unmanned survey boat  platform is designed to meet high requirement in hydrographic and oceanographic survey, the stabilization wings offer the best stability in ocean environment with minimum size of the boat.
M80B platform is able to deploy and integrate with variety of instruments such as multi beam sonar, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, gravimeter and magnetometer, water quality sensors etc.

Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance provide efficient and safe operation.

Recommend Deployed Equipment

Signal Beam Echo Sounder
(Odom Echotrac CV200 / CV1 00 Haiying HY1601 / 1602 South SDE-18)

Multibeam Echo Sounder
(Reson T20, Odom MB1 / MB2)

(Sontech M9/S5, DI Ruijiang, Linquest Nortek)

Side Scan Sonar
(Beijing Lanchuang Shark S450U)

Forward-looking Sonar
(BlueView M-450, Kongsberg M3)

Online Multi-Parameter / Water Quality Instrument
(HACH 0S5 / MS5,  YSI EXO Series, Sailhero XHFP / XHMP)
Communication Range 20Km
Operation range 120 NM (222 km)
Top speed 12Kn
Height 210cm
Width 240cm
Overall length 565cm
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Autonomous Survey Boat M80
Long endurance multi-functional platform for hydrographic surveying
Collision Avoidance System

Collision avoidance system can detect obstacles in 50 meters ahead to avoid collision

User can observe the water environment around the USV via 2 onboard cameras.
Large capacity for oceanographic survey instruments
The M80 USV can carry up to 150kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi- purposed hydrographic surveys on deep sea.
Singlebeam echo sounder
Multibeam echo sounder
3D LiDAR scanner
Side scan sonar
Forward-looking sonar
Water quality sonde
Sub-bottom profiler
Better protection to equipment

A build-in automatic lifter can lift and drop the instrument depending on whether the USV is sailing or surveying, which can protect transducers and save energy correspondingly
Upper level of collision avoidance

Deployed with a 4G radar, an HD camera and a LiDAR, the M80 USV gives an excellence performance in collision avoidance.
Automatic multi-purpose survey

Both the USV and the survey instruments are operated by the base station.
Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back data in real-time.
Operators can also control the USV manually within a distant of 2 km by using a remote controller.