Make decisions in real-time

FF DATA Factory quickly collects from Number Ok, stores and analyze huge amount of vehicle data (ANPR/MMCR).

Allows the police to search fast and easy for wanted vehicles according to the allowed/denied lists.

Based on the results system can notify police operator about wanted vehicles.

The results can be easy exported.
Enforce BOX
Traffic Law violation Detection Device

Enforce Box automatically detects different traffic violations using your existing cameras.
Using our smart cameras, you can add vehicle license plate, nationality, make and model, and speed data.
Enforce BOX can automatically detect a wide range of traffic violations simultaneously on even 4 traffic lanes.
Cameras and Devices for traffic monitoring
Vehicle Recognition Camera

Vidar and Vidar Smart
are an automatic number plate / make and model / dangerous good sign recognition cameras designed for high-speed traffic, such as motorways and highways.
If vehicle detection rate is important for your project, this camera is ideal, as built-in hardware and software-based triggers work together to prevent missed events.
Passenger Counting Camera

Vidar PAX
takes perfect images through the windows of vehicles, returning the number of the passengers in the front and rear seats of vehicles.
Axle Counting Camera

The Vidar Axle Counting Camera is a standalone device for image-based vehicle axle  identification and vehicle categorization, capable of returning side scam images as well video streams.

Vidar models come with a highly-resistant design. The IK10 and IP67 certified, 100% aluminum cast protects Vidar Axle Counter from any physical impact.
Container Code Reading Camera

The Vidar Container industrial camera is specially developed for container code reading.
It supports the tracking of intermodal shipping containers through fast data processing, reading ISO, MOCO, and ILU codes, regardless of container size and surface.
The built-in software-powered by our renowned CarmenĀ® OCR software-processes the codes and transforms them into ready-to-use event packages.
Compact Camera for Parking and Vehicle Access Control

The Einar Automatic number plate reading camera is a best choice system component for any type of indoor/outdoor access control project.
Lightweight Mobile Number Plate Recognition Camera

The MicroCam is a sturdy camera primarily designed to be mounted on a vehicle to read license plates
Number plate, model and model recognition device

Ideal for already installed CCTV camera systems
You can add automatic license plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR) and make and model recognition (MMR) functions to any type of camera with one single integration.
With special cameras such as heat-resistant cameras, explosion-proof cameras, long-range cameras, etc., can be easily smartened up with vehicle recognition.
Cameras, Devices & Tools for traffic enforcement
S1 the Portable Traffic Enforcement Solution

The S1 camera measures speed from a long distance and operates autonomously day and night.
Vidar Speed
All-in-One Speed Enforcement Device

- Vehicle speed
- Traveling direction
- Exact position (lane and coordinates)
- License plate text
- Country and state information
- License plate type
- Vehicle make, model, category, and color
Data Server and Middlewar

The Globessey Data Server (GDS)
GDS is a universal traffic data collection and visualization middleware for backend system providers and/or Adaptive
Recognition ANPR camera users. GDS manages, analyzes, and shares large traffic data of any number of connected
endpoints. With the single-click device registration option, GDS can be ready in minutes.
Software for traffic & goods transport monitoring
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Engine with Software Development Kit

CARMEN GO is a windows service (application) with an embedded database, optional web GUI and REST API to facilitate fast and easy integration into any system.
ANPR & MMR from Camera Streams

CARMEN FreeFlow supports C, C++, C#, Java and NB.net; windows and Linux OS; and respectively X86_64 or ARM architectures.

ANPR Software Package for NVIDIA Jetson -based Computers
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