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Mobile Modular Hospital
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Civilian & Military ISO Houses Containers

Custom Made Army/Civilian Container solutions for different customers.

The majority of the containers we supply for military applications have the ISO 8ft,10ft,20ft,40ft and 40’HC unit which can be transported by ship, truck, rail or plane.

Our productions are designed and proven for use in temperatures between -32°C and +80°C.

Unlimited Potential Applications for Army containers include:

- Accommodation units
- Fully equipped Kitchen units
- Fully equipped Laundry units
- Fully equipped Bakery units
- Mobile Machine Shops
- Special Workshops
- Armories and Weapons Repair Shops
- Military Barracks
- Expandable Office and Command Centers
- Hygiene Systems with Shower and Latrine Facilities
- Personnel and Collective Training Shelters
- Medical Shelters
- Equipment shelters
- Water Purification units
- Power Generation units
- Trailer mounted units
- Solar powered units
Some of the productions

- Dormitories
- Offices
- Emergency camps,
- Mobile Flat Pack containers
- WC & Shower facilities
- Kitchens - Dining halls
- Laundry facilities
- ISO Type containers
- Offshore containers
- Prefabricated buildings
- Cold room & Freezer containers
- Security containers
- Telecom containers
- Custom built containers
- Recreation facilities
- Laboratories
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Social Buildings
Tailored Containers

Numerous configurations are available to suit any mission, including tactical operations centers, NBC laboratory, briefing rooms, ablution units, laundry facilities, showers unit, kitchens, supply and part storage, sleeping quarters, water treatment and storage, as well as tire maintenance facilities.

- Military Logistics and Special Infrastructure and material
- Mobile and rapidly deployable Military Camps Infrastructure and material (headquarters, barracks, warehouses, Command Control Communications Computers & Intelligence (C4I) Shells, Mass Casualties Emergency Response Shells (ERS), Combat Casualty Collection Point (CCCP) / Emergency Medical Center (EMC), feeding infrastructures etc.)
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