10 MHz
8 GHz | 245 MHz I/Q streaming (via 2 x USB) | 245 MHz TX

SPECTRAN® V6 X is the world's first and only 8 GHz USB spectrum analyzer with dual USB true I/Q streaming of up to 245 MHz (via 2xUSB) instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q).

It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10 ns and thus captures even extremely short signals.

Furthermore, the SPECTRAN V6 X integrates a vector signal generator/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 245 MHz.

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)

(10MHz - 6GHz / opt. 8GHz)
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The SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO is a portable re-al-time spectrum analyzer, designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. Both its scanning speed and recording time are unrivaled.

The analyzer scans 20 GHz in less than 20 ms, making it the world’s fastest counter-surveillance receiver

• Rugged outdoor spectrum analyzer
• Real-time bandwidth of up to 175 MHz
• Certified per MIL-STD-810G andIP65
• Radio monitoring and enforcement

The world’s fastest real-time analyzer software
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STARLIGHT Vehicle Mounted Jammer

Covering signals: 2G 3G 4G WiFi
The vehicle-mounted mobile phone signal sealing and control system can block and control the key communication bands with potential threats in the frequency range of 800MHz to 3000MHz, and stop terrorists (or reactionary elements, illegal organizations) from using the wireless communication devices working in this frequency band to restructure RCIE
WolvesFleet WF-D24 High Power Multi Band Vehicle Jamming System

CAR-JAM is protecting military and VIP convoys from the threat of Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) -road-side bombs-has become challenge and task in many parts of the world.
Drone Detection & DF Handset

This is a carry-on device for drone detection, identification and alarm.
An optional direction finding antenna comes with the device, giving it the capability to determine the rough direction of a coming drone. The device collects surrounding radio signals and sorts drone signals out via deep learning.  When a drone is identified, it alerts people through sound and/or light alarms.
Portable / Vehicle-mounted high power
remote control bomb jammer
Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device
(RCIED) jammer

Model EST-808BJ, 5 Bands
Model EST-808LC, 6 Bands
Model EST-805B11, 11 Bands
Model EST-502F24, 24 Bands
Model EST-EST-502F22, 22 Bands
JAM5 High Power Portable Manpack
UAV Jamming System

Our multi-purpose UAV Jamming system focus on blocking the most  commonly used remote control R/C communication link and GPS as well as 5.8G by  commercial drones’ manufacturer.
Signal Jammers

We are one of the earliest signal jammer and booster wholesale traders.

We have established much cooperation with many great telecommunication companies to finish every client’s special requirements.

Our Signal jammer can block almost all Wireless Remote Control Devices, Wireless Telecommunication Devices and some Wireless SPY Devices, etc.

We are totally complying with all regulations of defense and security industry and we have been at the forefront of working with governments and industry bodies to achieve this.

Our business culture and cautious yet thorough approach to the provision of security leads to a clear ethos of professionalism, Integrity and respect.
WF-VIP JAM5 Portable High Power Portable DDS (WolvesFleet Multi Band Jamming System)

The WF-VIP JAM5, High Power DDS Portable Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system
SHENZHEN ACTION Prisons Communication Jammer System

Preventing the use of Mobile phones and communications devices in Prisons and Secure Facilities is an important part of security and crime prevention.

The Mobile Signal Jammer can help to block the mobile signals for any area that are confronted with cellular communication problems: for example, loud incoming call rings, loud telephone conversations, secret leaking and bomb explosion through Mobiles, electromagnetic radiation to gas station, chemical material warehouse and hospital equipment.

This product is suitable for executive offices, board meetings, conferences, seminars, libraries,
cinemas, religious places, public transport, concert halls, restaurants and educational
institutions, Prisons, etc.
WF-VIP JAM7 Portable High Power Portable DDS (WolvesFleetMulti Band Jamming System)

Based on its modular design and configuration our digital jammer can be easily operated, upgraded, serviced, repaired and adapted to its required use.
Digital Jammer modules can be changed easily and quickly just as changing the mobile phone battery.
WF-VIP JAM8 Portable High Power Portable DDS (WolvesFleetMulti Band Jamming System)

WF-VIP JAM8  it is based on its modular design and configuration our digital jammer can be easily operated, upgraded, serviced, repaired and adapted to its required use.
Digital Jammer modules can be changed easily and quickly just as changing the mobile phone battery.
SDR AL Smart Jammer

STAR LIGHT system solution is composed of  
an intelligent software system, AL intelligent  
digital baseband board and 12 broadband  
PAs, which realizes the shielding of  
20-6000MHz wireless signals, so that they  
cannot communicate within the shielding area,  
thus achieving the goal of shielding RCEID
TSL High Power Manpack (4-12 Antennas) Bomb Jammer

STAR LIGHT Inner Battery High Power Bomb Jammer Manpack Type with Max 12 Channels , CE SGS
TSL Radio Frequency Portable Cell Phone and Bombs Jammer

STAR LIGHT Radio Frequency Portable Cell Phone/Bomb Jammer
WF-DJ9 Jammer is designed mainly used for indoor cellphone signal detection and shielding, such as meeting rooms, border control units, Border Patrol and  Drug  Enforcement,  Customs,  House,  Churches,  Courts,  Theaters, Office, classroom. checkpoint personnel, Hospitals, Recording Studios, Banks,  Contract Tendering Rooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military  Units, Secret Services, Libraries, Museums, Prisons and so on.
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