Hull Material: Carbon fiber
Dimension: (L)165 cm *(W)70 cm
Weight: 44 kg (with batteries

Payload: 25 kg
Draft: 15 cm
Propulsion: Electric water-jet propeller
Communication Range: Data telemetry 2 km   
                                       Remote Control 1 km
Max. Speed: 10 knots (5 m/s)
Battery Life: 8 hrs @ 3kn
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Water Sampling & Monitoring USV
Fast Switch Between Missions
Water Sampling & Monitoring USV
Intelligent collision avoidance

Equipped with radar sensors, SE40 USV can detect obstacles and avoid collision within 50 meters.

In manual mode, you can observe the water environment via real-time video to improve navigation safety..
t can carry multi instruments such as water probes for water quality monitoring, echo sounder for bathymetry survey, and ADCP for river discharge measurement.
Automatic mission planning

You can pre-program the sampling and monitoring mission with just a few drags and clicks on the base station computer.

SE40 carrying instruments can conduct sampling and monitoring autonomously and send back real-time data.

You can also drive SE40 by a remote controller to reach some difficult corners.
Water quality sonde
Water Sample
Higher speed & tangling free
The innovative water jet thruster brings SE40 USV to a top speed 5m/s and effectively avoid being entangled by water plants or debris.
Stable sailing

The trimaran hull design dramatically improves stability when sailing at high speed.