The G47 MOS was developed for the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2019 and is now available to the commercial market. The G47 MOS offers the same reliability and performance as the G17 Gen5 MOS, with a shortened dust cover and maintains parts compatibility with the G17 Gen5 MOS, G19 Gen5 MOS, and G45 MOS

Mag. Capacity: 17 rounds
Trigger System: Single Action
Rate of fire:  350 M/S
Safety System: Manual safety,
Firing Pin Block,Trigger safety
Length: 193mm
Width: 35.7mm / Height: 140 mm
Barrel Length: 113.5 mm
Weight (Empty Mag): 820 gr
RA9 (9x19mm)

Capacity: 10+1-15+1-17+1
Total length: 7,57’’ (192.5 mm)
Barrel Length: 4,15’’ (105.5 mm)
Height: 5,66’’ (144 mm)
Width: 1,25’’ (32 mm)
Weight Unload: (w/o.mag) 25,9 oz (735 gr 10)
                          (with mag) 28,9 oz (820 gr 10)
BRG 9x19mm

The BRG9 Elite is a new generation semi-automatic handgun designed for the toughest conditions with its single action trigger mechanism. With its top-end metal parts and high-strength polymer body used in the aerospace and aviation industry, the BRG9 Elite guarantees a long-lasting and years-long enjoyment of use.
X-FIRE 9x19mm

• Safe-Action pistol
• Compact
• Lightweight
• Picatinny-style rail.
• Accurate
• Dependable
• Concealed easily
• 15-round mag (standard)
• Tenifer coated
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Made in CHINA Pistols
CAA designs and manufactures the World-Famous MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) which has become
the most popular conversion kit in America.

The MCK is made 100% in the USA is not only the fastest assembly/ disassembly conversion kit in the world,  it is also the most cost-effective and has taken America by storm.

Our MCK is designed to fit a multitude of needs including law enforcement, recreational, home defense and for just having fun at the range.

The MCK increases your stability and accuracy with more points of contact on the shooter’s body and fits a multitude of handguns, including the Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, Springfield Armory, Polymer 80 and more to come!
The K.P.O.S. Conversion-Kits turns a standard handgun into a rock solid personal defense & special operations weapon system.

Are used by sportsman and elite military / law enforcement units around the globe in order to maximize ability, versatility and performance while maintaining zero retention for accurate medium range use and minimal dimensions for covert operations and CQB
A9 & C9 Polymer Pistols (9x19mm)

The A9 & C9 Models polymer body, needle firing mechanism and 4 different types of interfaces which provide the most common holographic optics in the market.

The crown in the box helps for fast reload to attach to the right or left side of the optical interface.
Both the magazine lock and the rear gripper are available in different sizes to give the user the most ergonomic shooting comfort.

In the pistols boxes has one pieces 14 rounds capacity magazine, a sheath, magazine pressing apparatus and cleaning kit are included as standard.

The Pistols are 9x19mm caliber and coating is for all aluminum parts are eloxal, for all steel parts are chrome and barrel in is QPQ PVD but all parts can coating by CERACOTE if special request.
EMTAN Israel
AREX Pistols
S-19 / 9x19mm

• Safe-Action pistol
• Lightweight
• Picatinny-style rail.
• Accurate
• Dependable
• Concealed easily
• Durable
• 15+1 round mag (standard)
• Tenifer coated
TAURUS Pistols
TAURUS Revolver
SSA-9 (9x19mm) Semi Auto

SA-9 is a semi-auto pistol designed on AR platform. It is light, ergonomic and practical. SA-9 has 6.5″ barrel lengths and different stock systems depending on the area and need of use. Picatinny rails on, top,bottom and sides of the barrel allow to use of compatible accessories.
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