Size 5.27 m(L)*1.7 m(W)*2.1 m(H)
Max Speed 30 kn
Endurance >120 nm
Weight 1000kg
Propeller Water-jet
Survival Sea State SS-4
Communication (LTE) 10 km
Payload 200 kg
Draft 0.4 m

SURVIVAL Equipment parameters

Crew Onboard 6 Persons
Package Dimension 0.46Χ0.8 m
Weight About 35 kg
Dimension 1.82*1.82*1.2 m
Items in Life Raft Fresh water
foodmedicine etc
M75 is specified to apply in security, patrol, Search & rescue, investigation and evidence collection areas.

With high speed propulsion system, M75 could arrive target place at the first moment.

It is also available to switch between manned and unmanned mode, so that you can choose how to control it based on the situation.

LTE communication within 15km

Using LTE communication, the USV can interact with the base station within 15km and send back videos and data in real-time.
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Autonomous Surveillance & Rescue Vessel M75
High-speed surveillance and outstanding performance during night shifts
Dedicated for maritime surveillance and rescue

The M75 is integrated with comprehensive searching, data, communication and rescue modules, making it an ideal vessel for maritime surveillance and rescue.
Search Module
Help Module
Multi-screen control base station

The multi-screen control base station can be deployed in a shore-based command center, on a mothership, or in a moving vehicle, depending on the scenario
Equipped with smart rescue equipment
The USV is deployed with smart rescue equipment like an ejectable life-raft, a remote controlled life bed and a lifebuoy.
Outstanding performance at night
The photoelectric pod enables the USV to search at night and take high resolution photos for evidence.
Collaborative large-scale search and rescue missions
The USV can autonomously team up to conduct massive-scale search & rescue missions to locate victims.
Quick emergency response time
The USV runs on a high-speed water jet motor and can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, allowing for quick emergency response times
Deployed with night search equipment and safe equipment,unmanned surface rescue boat can work day and night 24/7
Cooperate with police/coast guards also
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