USV is a better option!
Surveillance Equipment & Services
Lower cost
The application of unmanned surface vehicles save largely in labor and fuel costs as well as employee expenses as there is no need to carry surveyors on board
Better data quality
The unmanned surface vehicle’s unique hull design and propeller system enables it to sail in high accordance with the planned route to generate accurate data reports
Higher efficiency
Unmanned surface vehicles allow you to survey autonomously and continuously in addition to being easy to transport from site to site, which significantly improves working efficiency.
Safety is increased while surveying dangerous areas and complex routes due to the elimination of individuals on the vessel.
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The SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO is a portable re-al-time spectrum analyzer, designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. Both its scanning speed and recording time are unrivaled.

The analyzer scans 20 GHz in less than 20 ms, making it the world’s fastest counter-surveillance receiver

• Rugged outdoor spectrum analyzer
• Real-time bandwidth of up to 175 MHz
• Certified per MIL-STD-810G andIP65
• Radio monitoring and enforcement

The world’s fastest real-time analyzer software
The hydrographic USVs are intelligent autonomous survey boats with extraordinary performance.
They’re integrated with single beam/multi beam echo sounder, GNSS/RTK, camera, and obstacle avoidance system.
The wide bandwidth radio station allows the operator to see precise bathymetric data results in real time. The USVs are beneficial not only for mapping shallow, murky waters, but also for improving the efficiency of hydrographic operations.
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
For Good and for Evil!
Whether terrorists are attempting to assassinate a high-ranking government official, bring down a building or explode a bomb in a subway, their first order of business is to determine how best to set up the attack.