- Calibre: 5,56x45 mm NATO
- Operating principle: Gas operated, short stroke piston
- Mode of fire: Safe and semiautomatic
- Color: Black
- Barrel length: 410 mm (16,1”)
- Twist rate: 1:7” to the right
- Barrel: Cold hammer forged, Tenifer finish
- Length: 710 mm χ 760 mm
- Height: 222 mm
- Width: 76 mm
- Weight: 3,6 kg
- Trigger pull: 25 χ 35 N
- Magazine STANAG 4179
- Long barrel compared to total length of the rifle (60% of the total length of the rifle is barrel length)
- Barrel thread 1/2“-28 compatible with all M4/AR-15 flash suppressor devices
- Removable pistol grip, compatible with all M4/AR-15 pistol grips
- Trigger shape - straight
- M-LOK mounting system on front handguard on 3 positions: 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock
- Ambidextrous dual system of sling attachment:
      - QD socket on front handguard, upper receiver and on the buttstock
      - Eyelet attachment for sling snap hook on upper receiver and on the buttstock
- Long NATO 4694 rail on the upper receiver
- Front mechanical sight: Integrated into NATO 4694 rail on upper receiver, flip-up, elevation adjustable
- Rear mechanical sight: Integrated into NATO 4694 rail on upper receiver, flip-up, windage adjustable, 5-position aperture (“0” for close range targets under 100 m, “1-2” for range from 100 m and 200 m, “3” for 300 m distance, “4” for 400 m distance, “5” for 500 m distance)
- Mechanical sights are user adjustable without tools
- Adjustable gas cylinder: “N” for normal mode and “S” for suppressor mode
- Adjustable buttstock in 5 positions
- Ambidextrous fire selector
- Ambidextrous cocking handle, not reciprocating
- Ambidextrous bolt release
- Ambidextrous magazine release
- Ambidextrous buttstock adjustment lever
- Ambidextrous cartridge ejection port (ejection side can be switched without additional parts and tools on user level)
- Low recoil force - center of mass is in the middle of the rifle
- Not removable take down pins
- High quality impact resistant glass reinforced polymer
- Easy maintenance due to high level of user disassembly
VHS-2 semi-automatic version is a  fully ambidextrous 5.56 NATO caliber rifle.

Designed on bullpup modular platform it maintain all the ballistic benefits of a longer barrel in a shorter package without sacrificing overall length, accuracy and muzzle velocity.

The polymer receiver is equipped with an 5 point adjustable buttstock.

Combination of all of this with dual dust cover ejection ports on both sides of the receiver and specially designed empty case deflectors create flexible and user friendly multi-purpose rifle.

The rifle is equipped either with an carrying handle with NATO STANAG 4694 rail and flip up iron sights or with integrated 1.5X optical red dot sight.

Front handguard has NATO STANAG 4694 rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with removable rail covers so the rifle can accept extra accessories.

Magazines are made of durable polymer with semi transparent pattern and 30 rounds capacity allowing the operator to quickly view the ammunition count without removing the magazine.

VHS-2 uses proved short-stroke gas piston operating system with rotating bolt.

Advantages/key features

- compact size/short overall length
- accuracy
- ballistic benefits
- modularity
- true ambidextrality
- maneuverability
- highest operational versatility
- easy to operate in confined spaces
- easy maintenance
- no external moving parts on the weapon during firing (non reciprocating charging handle doesn`t move and can`t potentially hit users hands, face or hit structures and other objects during shooting in confined spaces such as wehicles, etc.)
- changing position of the ejection port without using special tools or spare parts
- left handed shooters can shot with the right positioned ejection port or vice versa
- options between flat or magazine with coupling attachment points
(*) In HS rifles we can add an adaptor in order to accept AR15 magazines of 30 rounds capacity
Barrel length:
Length (overall):
Length (drawn out buttstock):
Height with NATO frame:
Height with magazine (30 rd):
Weight without magazine:
Weight of magazine (empty):
5.56Χ45 mm
5,56Χ45 mm; SS109
500 mm
800 mm
850 mm
76 mm
205 mm
269 mm
134 g
5.56×45 mm
5,56×45 mm; SS109
410 mm
710 mm
760 mm
76 mm
205 mm
269 mm
3,7 kg
134 g