Dimensions 3.3*1.9*1.45m
Weight 525kg
Draft 0.4m
Power Electric propulsion
Endurance 8 hours
Payload 60 kg
Survey speed 4.5 knots
Max. Speed 7 knots
Sea State Operation SS-3
Communication Range 5km
Camera YES
Collision Avoidance YES
Automatic winch YES (Optional)
Autonomous survey boat M40 is a medium sized platform designed for hydrographic survey in coastal area and deep ocean water.

With modular catamaran design and flexible payload for instruments, M40 is developed to provide high performance survey with multi beam sonar and different kinds of hydrographic and monitoring instruments in ocean.

- 5kg payload, compatible with multi-beam sonar
- Automatic lifting system, fully protect the transducer
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Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat M40
A state of the art hydrographic platform designed for multi beam survey
Automatic Lifter For Wet Payload

A build-in automatic lifter can lift and drop the instrument depending on whether the USV is sailing or surveying, which can protect transducers and save energy correspondingly.
Modular Wet/Dry Payload Bay
The M40 USV has a typical payload capacity of 60 kg, its dry payload bay can be replaced on filed to install different sensors.
Singlebeam echo sounder
Multibeam echo sounder
3D LiDAR scanner
Side scan sonar
Forward-looking sonar
Water quality sonde
Sub-bottom profiler
Flexible Transportation & Maintenance

Both the component system and the mission system utilize a modular design, making it easy to switch between different mission deployments and maintain the USV.
Lower Noise and Higher data quality

The innovative wave-piercing bottom of the M40 USV can slice through waves to reduce shaking and noise during sailing which allows instruments to collect data of higher quality.
High power electric propeller
The M40 USV is driven by lithium polymer batteries and  is able to reach the speed of 7 knots in full payload.
Collision Avoidance System

Collision avoidance system can detect obstacles in 50 meters ahead to avoid collision

User can observe the water environment around the USV via 2 onboard cameras.
Automatic Multi-purpose Survey
Both the USV and the survey instruments are operated by the base station.

Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back data in real-time.

Operators can also control the USV manually within a distant of 2 km by using a remote controller.
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