Training Tactical grenades K417, CN69

This "Eco-friendly, Non-metallic Training Hand Grenadeii ls made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protectection such as CLAY for the bomb body and BIo-DEGRADABLE plastic for fuse head.
CNO Training 155mm Projectile-Smoke

As the bullets used for 155-mm high-angle gun training, they are compatible with existing high explosives that one can expect the same training effect similar to that in the actual combat.
They were designed for utmost safety.

- Less problems than when using existing high explosives (KM107)
- Less chips, vibration, fire, explosion sound, and soil pollution
- Enhanced human safety
- Smoke screen feature
- Enhanced distinguish ability of hits and prolonged smoke screen time
- Same data training effect as high explosives
- May be used without changing the parts. Such as doctrine, BTCS charging with gunpowder, and fuse.
Training Tactical grenades K417, CN69

This "Eco-friendly, Non-metallic Training Hand Grenadeii ls made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protectection such as CLAY for the bomb body and BIo-DEGRADABLE plastic for fuse head.
Educational Material In GREEK Language
Copyright 2003
The following educational material in Greek is an introduction to the field of security and basic information about personal security.

Training BlueGuns
The people we well train and prepare  have the ability to operate in hostile environments,
giving the highest level of professional protection currently available

We give you training and knowledge needed, under a professional environment with certified trainers, in order you be a well prepared and professional team with well trained guards even you act individually nor as a member of a security team, as a leader of a maritime security Company and/or as an official in a special military team.

In order to fight the rise of Piracy we are offering a wide range of assessment services, through verified consultants and international maritime security expertise, which will well educate and prepare your teams for the next encounter.


- The Operative role in the maritime arena
- Pirates’ modus operandi
- Counter Piracy tactics
- Dry and wet training on vessel-alike compound
- Analyzing high risk zones and daily briefings
- Maritime shooting ranges
- Tactical Drills on board
- Conducting Vessel Risk Assessment

Our instructors are former Navy Seals officers & operatives who share years of naval and maritime experience in both the governmental and private sectors.

They bring the most updated doctrines of counter-piracy tactics and can adjust themselves to work in any vessel.
- Complex training of special units
- Sniper training
- Medic training
- Close protection training
- Evaluation & assessment of your special unit
- Anti riot training
- Prison guard training
- Police and army training
- MTT (mobile training team) worldwide
- Security consultancy
- Technical equipment consultancy
Training centers

We provide services at the highest possible level.

Each specialization is represented by an expert, who has been professional in his area for a long time.

Absolute and unbreakable rule of our company policy is a total discretion, on which our clients can rely on.

It is a fundamental value of our company moral codex.
Personnel Training

Once on site, we support client activities further through the effective implementation of stock management, storage technologies and resource.

Security incident can harm both your workers your assets and your reputation, and must be avoided at any cost.

Tough and soft skills, gained within practical exercises and guidelines, can make a difference.

Relevant training and preparation for your personnel prior to deployment aids fulfilling your fundamental duty of care.

Our staff, with decades of experience training in law enforcement and military special units, provides comprehensive basic and advanced training and coaching solutions for any situation anywhere in the world.

Our training and coaching skills are mainly focused on security sector reform, but nation-building support for emerging Interior and Defense Ministries in underdeveloped countries recovering from conflict or political instability.

We collaborate intimately with clients, international donor countries and local government organizations to assess risks and implement the right mix of professional services and advanced technologies.

Improve your tactical skills combining lessons in classrooms, practical applications and scenario exercises

Our "Qualification Courses" have as result the issuance of either a Certificate or Diploma upon completion.

Each qualification contains a series of core and elective units of competency, each unit of competency can be delivered as an individual course, we call these short courses, completion of a short course results in the issue of a Statement of  Attainment.
Maritime Security

- Pirates' modus operandi
- Case Studies
- Risk Assessment prior voyage
- International rules and regulations
- Advanced procedures
- Maritime Security Operations
- Ship Security Officer (SSO)
- Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
- STCW 95
- First Aid / Basic and Combat
- Weapons Management & Handling
- Psychometric Evaluation
- On board tactical Training

Theoretical Lecturers

- Combat principles
- The enemy Modus Operandi
- VIP Protection practical principals
- VIP Protection at Event
- VIP Protection at Hotel
- VIP Protection at Motorcade 
- VIP Security Officer
- Advance operation
- Assassins throughout the history
- Case studies
Basic training in personal firearms

- Safety
- Shooting techniques and positions
- Combat techniques & movement drills

Basic training in hand to hand combat

- Hand & Legs Attack
- Defense techniques
- Defense / Disarm
- Aggressive/Decisiveness behavior
- Full contact combat exercise

Tactical drills

- Routine scenarios
- Emergency scenarios
- Security planning

Security Professions

- Basic Operational and Tactical driving
- Bomb Sweeping
- Basic Profiling and security checks
- Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
- Trauma Management
- Medicine In Remote Area (MIRA)
- First Person On Scene (FPOS I-II)
Special Training (Theoretical & Practical)

- Accurate Pistol Use
- Vehicle Pistol Tactical Respond
- Special Pistol Tactics
- Combine Weapons Tactical Response
- Tactical Combat Medic
- Firearms Competency Trauma
- Emergency Combat Trauma Rescue
- Static Parachute Jump
- Helicopter Rescue
- Gunsmith
- Combat Divers
- Helicopter Rappelling & Fast Rope
- Free Fall Parachute Jump
- Tactical Airborne
- Tactical Driving
- Sniper & Counter Sniper
- Private Military Contractors
- Urban Warfare CQB
- Seafarers Security
- Close protection Operator
- Hostile Enviroment
The correct training keeps you alive
Training systems for military training

The training systems are used for military training of soldiers. SKIFTECH systems bring training as close as possible to real combat conditions. The training is conducted using simulators, tactical equipment and regular small arms or armored vehicles

Military training systems allow you to gain practical skills:

- Tactical positioning in open terrain.
- Force on force fire.
- Dealing with explosive devices.
- Clearing rooms from armed enemy
- Striking the armored vehicles and manpower of the enemy with artillery weapons
- The defeat of low-speed, low-flying targets from anti-aircraft complexes
Fire simulation system
We create modular fire simulation systems for different types of armored vehicles, taking into account the type of cannon, machine gun and other features.
Mine TM-62
The TM-62 anti-tank mine simulator is used for tactical training of tankmen, sappers, and military engineers
Firing small arms and grenade launchers on enemy manpower and equipment.
Imitating special operations to neutralize snipers.
Attacking an armored vehicle with the ATGM
Tank Shooting Range
Simulator to practice shooting different targets from a tank.
Anti-personnel mine
The simulator of anti-personnel mine is used for the tactical training of soldiers and military engineers
Anti-personnel mine
The simulator of anti-personnel mine is used for the tactical training of soldiers and military engineers
VR combat training
An integrated simulator with virtual reality technology for the tactical training of different types of troops
Shoot-house to work out the deactivation of mines, traps and other stimuli from armed opponents.
Mine MON-50
Complex simulator the MON-50 mine – complex training for interaction with the explosive device.