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22,500 x Rounds in Caliber 7.62x51
90 x Tactical Molle plate carries
180 x Stand Alone Ballistic Plates level IV NIJ 0101.06
90 x PASGT Helmets level IIIA NIJ 0101.06
23 x Equipment cases
23 x Rifles cases
23 x Ammunition cases
7 x Full team medical kits
Magazine capacity:
Barrel length:
Total Length:
Republic of Serbia
20 rounds
500 mm
1030 mm
Zastava M2010 Semi Auto Rifles in Caliber 7.62x51

Available in stock +200 Brand New Zastava M2010 Semi Auto Rifles in Caliber 7.62x51.
Set includes 4 magazines of 20 round capacity each, slink, manuals
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the availability of the surplus products.
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