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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any restriction or embargo by UN and European Union
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125 Menelaou Street
17676 Kallithea - Athens - Greece
VAT# EL043083741
EORI GR043083741
UNGM 400640
T: +30 210 9577743 
F: +30 211 2219310 
Skype: armour.international
E: info@armour.gr   
W: www.armour.gr

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Today, International Armour meets its present clients’ needs. Tomorrow, its objective will be to win more new domestic and export business while remaining committed to total customer satisfaction with equal opportunities transparency and accountability in conducting its business. 

Through and with our national and international network and partners, you can find business opportunities in anything related to your safety and security.

- EOD products and equipment
- Military, Police & Special Forces equipment
- Industrial applications (robotics)
- Surveillance & Counter surveillance products
- Communication systems & equipment
- Personal & property protection systems
- Safe collection and transportation of explosive devices
- Remote controlled weapon base systems
- Security & Safety Services
- Security & Protection Training / Special Courses
- Satellite Surveillance and Earth Observation Systems

Whether you are a professional working within one of these spaces or looking to
expand, we offer a unique set of reference in order to meet your needs.
INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR is NATO approved Company (Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Defense) with CAGE code G2181, is ICoC Signatory Company, has obtained from the Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Public Order - all relevant commercial and services licenses and has meet all the criteria and qualifications under law to provide defense and safety products and services in all aspects of the security and defense industry, worldwide.
The challenge of our Group is continuously render an outstanding service to its client base. Indeed, as a corporate catalyst, International Armour is able to optimize synergies within the Group of our business and strategic partners and to capitalize on the strength and size of all of our International affiliated Companies and co-operators in order to support each subsidiary marketing and strategic approach on specific markets. 
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win"
Mahatma Gandhi
RISK Defense & Safety (RDS) - CY

International Armour is strategic, business partner and main shareholder of RISK DEFENSE & SAFETY Company - Cyprus. With and through RISK we provide defense and safety products, services and training under the quality expected of a successful established defense and security provider while our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property.
The world’s leading risk consulting company

With and through Kroll we help clients to make high-risk and high-value decisions. As official contractors of Kroll, we are providing trusted intelligence and scalable technology solutions that help companies, investors and governments address business and legal risks, drive compliance and capitalize on opportunities.
Poseidon Group business & strategic partner

We are business and strategic partners of POSEIDON GROUP, a company with interests in all fields related to Shipping and Maritime Services including maritime security.
With and through POSEIDON GROUP, affiliated companies and strategic/business partners we provide armed maritime security services for vessels transiting in pirate-infested waters

IBSA Academy
International Armour is strategic and business partner of IBSA Academy.We give you training and knowledge needed, under a professional environment with certified trainers, in order you be a well prepared and professional bodyguard even as individual nor as a member of a security team, as a leader of a maritime security Company and/or as an official of a special military team.
Avant Garde - Cy
International Armour is strategic and business partner of Avant Garde Cyprus. AVANT GARDE Cyprus  is an experienced Maritime Security Company, incorporated in Cyprus with representative offices in Greece, Bulgaria and Marshal Islands, managed by a dedicated team with over 30 years of experience in maritime warfare including anti-piracy, interdiction operations and maritime counter terrorism working and complying under the highest market standards.

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1 x CSA Semi Auto Rifle
4 x magazines
1 x Ballistic Helmet PASGT IIIA
1 x Molle plate carrier
2 x SA Ballistic plates level IV
200 rounds