We are your Defense, Security & Safety Strategic partner

We are a Defense, Safety and Advanced Security Technologies trading Company with worldwide interests, working and complying with the highest market standards.

Our industry registration and policy ensures that we are providing the quality expected from a successful establish defense and security provider and our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property through a range of innovative and quality technologies, systems, services, knowledge and skilled personnel.

We pride ourselves on years of experience and excellent customer service as we were established by expertise members of the International Defense and Safety industry.

We deliver as wholesalers WHATEVER you need, WHEREVER you need it, WHENEVER you request it, with safety and accuracy at the best market prices and under the safest conditions!

It's not what we do!  It's how we do it!. You make business, we keep you safe! Our worldwide network which is supported by our experienced management teams, has delivered over 15 years of operational excellence and growth in Defense, Security and Safety sectors.
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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU
It is not what we do! It is HOW we do it!
Land Security & Safety

By investing in the right equipment and the right technology together to the right experienced personnel we keep all the time your business, your assets, your family your personality and your life safe and secure.
Who we are?, What we do?, How we do it?
International Armour is providing innovative solutions in a wide range of defense and security needs offering all necessary equipment and training needed for your defrense, security and safety.

We are totally complying with all regulations of defense and security industry and we have been at the forefront of working with governments and industry bodies to achieve this. 

Our business culture and cautious yet thorough approach to the provision of security leads to a clear ethos of professionalism, Integrity and respect.
Maritime Security Consultants

In full cooperation with more than 10 professional PMSCs and +1000 defense full kits and hundreds of experience personnel at sea we are not just another Security Company Consultants in shipping industry!  We are your defense strategic partner that ensures your property and your crew safety.
Maritime & Land Security Equipment

International Armour provides innovative solutions in a wide range of security needs offering all necessary armory for your safety. We are totally complying with all regulations of defense industry and we have been at the forefront of working with industry bodies to achieve this.
Defense Equipment

As an international well established Defense and Security firm we are offering innovative concepts in national defense and private security solutions and policies with analytical expertise in a wide range of weapon systems for air, sea, and land based applications.
High Tech Security Systems

We supply and we full support defense and security high technology systems for your safety. We supply Drones and UAVs, De-Drone solutions, defense, security and safety technology, biometric systems, EOD / IED products and many other.

Special training and tactical training in firearms, VIP protection and executive protection, Tactical drills, Self defense, hand to hand combat, maritime and land security tactics, counter terrorism / counter-piracy and many other.
Prevent, Respond, Remediate

As official contractor of Kroll, a global leading provider of risk solutions for more than 40 years, we all the time help our clients to make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations and security.
Total Defense & Security Solutions

We are totally flexible, accurate, we have many years of experience in defense & security business and we count on satisfied customers as they are our references and constitute our sales team. We never negotiate your safety and your Company's legality and reputation as we only deal under high standards!
We don't offer you whatever we have. We offer you whatever you real need!
With and through our business partners and alliance in Maritime Security industry and our expertise in Anti Piracy and Anti Terrorism sectors we are keeping Global Land and Shipping Secure by providing full risk management strategies and physical security offering a full range of services and professional solutions for both commercial and private vessels that are sailing in high risk areas.
Your safety is our priority!
Maritime Security Services
Defense equipment
Sniper rifles
You can count on us!
Grenade & Grenade Launchers
Glock perfection
RISK International
We officially trade and full support a wide range of defense products and equipment for your safety
We don't blink when you want to be safe and secure! What you “need” to be safe may not be the same as what you “want” to feel safe. 

At International Armour we can provide you both "need" and "want". 

Our Company Professionals and Legal Advisors have spent many hours researching and refining what we believe to be the most important to you.

We have the right gear you need at the right price and the legal way to purchase this. We never negotiate your safety and we always deal under the highest standards
International collaborations

We only deal with well known International suppliers and manufacturers and we cooperate in close with governmental and private organizations in all sectors of defense and security industry.
UNGM 400640
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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any restrictions from the UN and the EU