Autonomous Sampling Boat SS30
An intelligent solution to collect your water samples from multiple spots
Flexible operation with remote controller

The USV is operated by a remote controller so user can enjoy a higher level of flexibility and safety in harsh working environment.

Dimensions 1150*750*430 mm
Weight 31 kg
Material Fiberglass composite with Kevlar & Carbon fiber
Obstacle Avoidance 10 m
Communication Range Autopilot: 5 km   
                                      Remote Control: 2 km
Sampling Capacity 4 x 1.8 L
Draft 0.25 m
Water Sampling Depth 0.3 - 0.5 m
Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s
Endurance +3 hours
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Online water sampling & quality monitoring reports

The sampling and monitoring data can be transmitted to the base station in real-time and generate water quality parameter charts automatically.
Multi-spot water sampling

The SS30 USV can collect 4 bottles of 1.8L water samples from different spots 0.5m under the water’s surface.
It uses 4 separated tunnels to avoid cross pollution.
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