Each COSMOS satellite will cover a specific area of Earth at sea, land, air (Arctic and Antarctica are excluded from the coverage)

Each satellite will service up to 5 million subscribers simultaneously in Ka-Band, thus the constellation of the three satellites will service up to 15 Million subscribers same time (more than 60 million users).

As a result from this three (3) geostationary satellites, Satellite Operator on well handling of the system will expect the acquisition of a fair market share in high speed satellite internet service from the today almost 3.5 billion worldwide internet real users.

Subject to the management and the final policy of the Company, the system will be available for pre-sales from the very starting period of its manufacturing

System can be extended to 6, 9 .... 21 satellites servicing multiple numbers of subscribers and users.
The future is now!

Because our executives are in satellites business since 1982

Because,  you don’t have to spend a year or more losing time and profits in order to find quite similar systems like ours as a turn key solutions!

Because, satellite telecommunication business is a lucrative business and maybe the only business that gives real profits in our days!

Because, we know how to successfully build the satellite business!

Because, we only cooperate with international well-known manufacturers in satellite business accomplishing all the time the requests and the demands of each of our client.

Because our team and our Chairman since 1982 has ZERO failures in 23 satellites projects (design, manufacture and launch), to name;

Satellite Design for MARECS, ECS and LSAT

Satellite Procurement for UNISAT, INMARSAT 2, INMARSAT 3 and HELLAS SAT

Monitoring - Assembly Integration - Test - Launch

- ST1

Principal Activities: Satellite Operator & Internet Provider

Manufacture and Launch


Significant Assets
License of Satellite Operator
Priority of Required Orbital Locations / ITU
Significant Know-How of Satellite Industry
Connections with Satellite manufacturers
Connections with Launch Agencies
Connections with Operators
Connections with Frequency
Coordination Consultants
Short R.O.I. Period
ZERO Risk Investment
Global Telecommunication Coverage
Meaningless Competition
Turnkey Opportune Solution Investment
Quick & High Sales Profits
High Technology Business
+3.5 Billion Potential Clients
Profits From Stock Market
Leader at International Telcom Business
High Demand and Interest
Available wherever you stand
Ka-band offers huge potential in a range of market segments, including retail, hospitality and government initiatives such as emergency communications, rural broadband, telemedicine and distance education.

In addition, capabilities such as bandwidth-on-demand, constant bit services, and dish-to-dish networking enable more advanced applications.
The technology also holds considerable promise for airline, railroad, military and other mobile applications.
Telecommunications & Internet GEO Satellites
The growth in the use of the Internet (in all kind of applications and usage) has made our product and services one of the most sought after commodities around.

With the advent of broadband, we expect the growth to be exponential, more and more people and corporations will invest in faster and better communications systems to make them more productive and to show a better bottom line.

Under worst case scenarios, expected growth in satellite communication services is of 20% per year.

Under the same worst case scenarios, expected market penetration on a global scale is 1% per year.

COSMOS satellite system under Ka Band technology and high architecture will offer competitive rates for fast internet and will be able to compete with all existing land based systems.
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