We full cooperate globally with legal licensed companies/factories/manufacturers that are dealing and trading firearms, weapon systems and military equipment. 

We provide a full range of products and services for military, law enforcement and private companies dealing in firearms, defense and security business sector  worldwide. 

All our activities are strictly regulated and inspected by its country relevant Governmental and Police agencies and we always meet all the criteria, procedures and qualifications needed under law, in order to provide our clients with their products.

All the products that we provide and merchandize are always under legal local and international procedures, ITAR regulations when applicable, and customary business principles.

1. We only legal trade with Companies and Countries that are not under any sanction by UN and European Union.

2. After we provided you (as per your request) our Corporate Offer and after we obtain your official acceptance of this either by signing/stamping and returning to us by email our corporate offer or by providing us an official Confirmed Purchase Order on your firm/letterhead, we proceeded with the  issuance of the documents agreed in corporate offer including our proforma invoice in the total amount of the ordered goods for the agreed down payment from your side.

3. Upon we well received the down payment we send all the instructions required to you in order you to proceed with all the needed import license  and/or END USER CERTIFICATE (EUC) issuance from the area/Country that all goods will be delivered.

4. On the well issuance of your import license and/or End User Certificate (a) you must proceed with a true copy of these for your records, (b) you must send to our email a scan copy of these for final approval and confirmation that these are correct and (c) you must send the original document by DHL or similar secure courier to the exporter (under our instructions) in order the relevant export license and permission be issued as well as all documents required for the legal export and delivery of the goods.

5. Time needed for the total export license/permission issuance and readiness of goods to be delivered by air transit to the delivery place are usually within 50 calendar days (subject all the time of the delivery Country) from the day that all your original import licenses/EUC and other  permissions required are well have been issued and well have been sent by courier to the exporter and these well have been received and well have been evaluated and have been confirmed as true and correct.

6. Delays on delivery may be occurred due to force majeure (as per international chamber of commerce (ICC)) or due to END USER/End Buyer or its agent(s) responsibility (thus, delays on import licenses issuance, or type mistakes on import licenses which are critical and usually return such licenses to null and void, or not valid import licenses issuance under the relevant authorities of the delivery country, or inability of your agent(s) finally to issue the proper import licenses, or payments delays of END USER/End Buyer etc.) or even due to International Holidays are not in the responsibility of the seller and/or manufacturer and these days are not counting on the delivery time period above mentioned.

7. Extra costs might be occurred (such as storages fees, interest charges due to payments delays by END USER/End Buyer or any other cost/expense may be occurred due to END USER/End buyer or its agent responsibility including this of the cancellation of any confirmed order) are all the time on END USER/End Buyer account, payable 100% against relevant invoices before  goods released.

8. Payment terms of goods are all the time according to the final agreement and the method that it is mentioned/agreed in our Full Corporate Offer and final contract and which has been accepted by the END USER/Buyer, while such payments - due to products sensitivity - can only be established against relevant proforma invoices/invoices in the name of the END USER / End Buyer, direct by the END USER/End Buyer Company's account(s).

9. If END USER/End Buyer request its payment(s) to be established by a third party, Company or Entity on its behalf, this Party/Company/Entity must be in written declared by the END USER/End Buyer to us and to our Bank/Bankers under relevant notice/declaration from END USER/End Buyer, showing its relationship and connectivity (agreement signed) between the END USER/End Buyer Company and the third party/Company/entity that will undertake all payments on its behalf. In this case, if END USER/End Buyer do not provide a correct payment method, our Company will not be liable if END User/End Buyer payment is refused by our Bank/Bankers (banks policy) and/or if its funds be returned or even been withhold by any Bank while such failed payment will be not recognized by our Company as well done payment. 

10. Rifles and Ballistic sets are all brand new and are manufactured after your order in order their warranty be valid.

11. The delivery schedule of the goods is all the time as per our Corporate Offer notice and your final request/instructions.

12. All the Export permissions/licenses that are required regarding weapons & ammunitions are all the time issued to client's/END USER firm/name direct from the manufacturer(s) or the seller and an END USER CONFIRMATION document is also issued on END USER firm/name from the seller of the product and/or exporter under the request of the sellerm showing the legality of the sale & purchase of the goods.

13. Delivery of goods is only established when these are paid in full.

14. Cancellation of any order or part of the order is charged according ORDER CANCELATION POLICY while such cancellation must be provided in written by END USER/End Buyer explaining the reason of cancellation.

15. No weapon and/or ammunition or any product that is required special permissions and/or end-user certificate can remain a lack of End User.
If the buyer or end-user fails to provide within a period of 2 months after the date of the goods order the relevant legal licenses and/or end-user certificate which are required to be issued from the end-user country,  these weapons and/or ammunition will be voluntarily surrendered to Competent Authorities until the End-User status is reversed. If considerable long period of time has passed without the proper end-user certificate issuance, the weapons and/or ammunition and/or goods ordered that need permissions will be destroyed legally and according to the International Law for lack of end-user military equipment, without the buyer and/or the end-user to have any further legitimate right or any other official authorization or any claim or any refund request or compensation request towards the Company for these products


A. Any order, contract or agreement can be canceled under a written cancellation notice within seven (7) calendar days after the official order has been established without any charge to the client in the case that the order has not been in process, thus order of goods has not been officially placed and relevant payments have been established and/or the production of the ordered goods are in process.

B. Any cancellation of any order, contract or agreement under “a written cancellation notice” that is established after seven (7) calendar days of the order date and within a period of thirty (30) calendar days it is charged with a percentage equal to 30% of the total order cost. In this case, out of the 30%,  any other expenses have been occurred such as transportation costs, licenses issuance costs, storage fees costs, material purchase costs, etc are also deducted from the refund amount

C. Any cancellation of any order, contract or agreement under “a written cancellation notice” that is established when the order is in process, thus in production period or even the ordered products have packed or have stored with scope their release/transit, will not be acceptable.
In this case, all contracts (written or verbally agreements) will automatically return to null and void removing any power to the buyer or the end-user of any claim or any request for compensation from the Company.

D. Any kind of inability of buyer or end user  to perform in any of the parggraphs above mentioned is on buyer/end user responsibility, where in such case paragraph C automatically will be in force


We only legal trade with Countries and Companies that are not under any sanction by UN and European Union.

We are always glad to do business with clients worldwide who adhere to the following main points:

- We do not deal with private individuals in the sale of military firearms.

- We deal only with legal business entities and agencies who have permission from their own governmental and Police authorities to purchase and import firearms and other defense and security products.

- All clients must provide a signed END USER CERTIFICATE for the items required or an IMPORT PERMISSION.

- All business deals made between us and our clients need to be finally approved by the relevant Ministry of Defense or other government entity of the country that provides the goods.

- The sale of automatic weapons to no-military or no-law enforcement entities in the USA is illegal, unless shipped and sold within a Free Trade Zone to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and ATF Form 6 (firearms importer) holder.

- In most Western European countries, only semi-automatic weapons can be sold to private certified business entities and this is only if they were originally made as semi-automatics and not modified from original automatic weapons. 

- Sale of firearms will be done in accordance to the buyer local and national firearm regulations.

- All inquires are welcome but please remember that we are not a retail gun shop or army-navy store, we are wholesalers and traders of primarily military  firearms and equipment.

- Only a minority of the products that we offer can be sold to private individuals.

- Agents or representatives of third parties must provide us their authorization to act on behalf of the third party.

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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU