We are a senior consultant of the maritime security industry
We assist, advise and we suggest reputed PMSCs to our clients in the shipping industry.
Maritime security has become an important requirement for merchant vessels in today’s time.

Increasing shipping piracy threats have resulted in huge losses for shipping conglomerates around the world.

In order to tackle this problem successfully, many security Companies have started to provide maritime security services, which are custom made for the present modern piracy at sea.

Across the world, there are many such maritime security Companies which command a unique respect for the stellar security services they offer.

But, what is this that makes today a maritime security Company trustable?

What are the criteria that you must set in order to decide if this or that maritime security Company is good and effective in all your demands?

What you expect a maritime security Company to fulfill in order you feel safe and secure?

Maritime Security it is not just another business. Maritime Security it is based on knowledge,  methodology, proved equipment, technology, accuracy, well trained personnel and high experienced managers in Defense, Security and Safety sectors. 

With the aid of maritime protection offered under such qualifications, shipping conglomerates can be assured of plenteous security to its crew and cargo.

Oceanic navigation routes are necessary and cannot be done without. Since shipping piracy has become an unchecked evil in certain water parts and is spreading towards other oceanic networks, opting for maritime security services has become a choice that cannot be overlooked

Think well before you decide WHO will keep your property and your crew safe!
We don't negotiate your safety!

Our services through well established PMSCs include but are not limited to:

- Vessel protection in arms and/or unarmed if required
- Vessel security assessment & consulting
- Legal consulting
- Incident & emergency management with 24hr global vessel tracking service
- Crew security training
- Security Services to all kind of vessels, including Fishing ships, Mega/Super Yachts
  and Cruising Vessels

In addition, we provide:

- Well trained and experienced high profile security teams
- A comprehensive security assessment of the vessel and a vessel-hardening plan
- Crew training & mentoring
- Vessel tracking
- 24hr support from our Operations Room & Real-time intelligence updates
- A graduated response to any impending security situation, which may involve the use of lethal force

We never compromise on quality; we just make sure that each dollar spent is spent in the right way, at the right time and we offer discounts for those with multiple transits per month on our already rock bottom prices.

Our clients are also our references!  We have a vast experience in maritime security services and in all type of vessels including Yachts and Mega Yachts as we already are servicing with professionalism and accuracy this sensitive shipping sector.

Our goal is to ensure that in each operation we deliver the optimal outcome with specific emphasis on ships crew, cargo and
material security, enabling our clients to sail through the high-risk areas with the highest confidence and minimal disturbance.
Standard MarSec Equipment of Teams
Our Standard Equipment

Rifles 7.62x51mm  or 7.62X39mm 
Magazines of 20 or 30 rounds capacity 
Minimum 1000 x Ammunition per set
Plates carriers or Tactical vests
ICW or Stand Alone ballistic plates NIJ IV
US PASGT Helmets level IIIA  - 0101.06
Communication devices
Team Medical kits
Military cases (equipment/ammo/riffles)
Special tactical devices


Drones for special missions (optional)

Our Personnel

- Military experience
- Seaman’s book
- STCW95, all four levels
- SSO certificate
- Medical certificate
- Clean criminal records bureau (CRB) check
- Valid vaccinations
A chief Security Officer (CSO) and a legal advisor is available around the clock in order to support the operational teams and the maritime law matters.
Our greatest assets are knowledge, experience & personnel

All of our personnel are well trained professionals, physically, medically and mentally fit to carry out their duties. They have fulfill their Military Services and hold all of the necessary Certificates as required in the field of Maritime Security.

They served in the Hellenic Navy or Special Forces and has executed various missions as operators or Team Leaders transiting through High Risk Areas.

Generally, our people have executed a wide range of tasks in hostile environments within the security industry both on land and at sea, on the private sector as well as military operations around the world

We help clients reduce their exposure to threats and protect employees and assets by helping to identify gaps in existing physical security programs and by recommending improvements and enhancements to facilities, policies, procedures and technology.
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RISK Assessment & Security Master Plan

We have the experience and the professionals to undertake a thorough - for any vessel - Risk Assessment (VRA) through Maritime Division Directors. Risk Assessments analyze and forecast risks specific to any vessel in the next 24 hours to 7 days and are specific to: ROUTE, PORT or REGION.

The vessel-centric nature of our Risk Assessments means that they take account of any vessel’s capabilities, limitations and current existing on-board security measures including the impact of the local meteorological conditions on your surveillance equipment.

A comprehensive survey is conducted during the voyage and PMSC assessment team is analyzing the threats and vulnerabilities to the vessel.

Assessments are undertaken according to many factors; the size of the ship, usage and cargo of the ship, amount of personnel, sailing route, anchoring points, level of risk, existing procedures, past events and more.

We are considered the definitive, most reliable and trusted source of intelligence for the maritime and maritime security community.

We are monitoring and analyzing the maritime threat landscape 24-hours a day.

A Vessel Security Master Plan (VSMP) report is then handed to the client, covering the following

Security Procedures

- Analyzing vessel's structure and emergency situations
- Analyzing threats and loopholes
- Routine & emergency procedures
- Intruder procedures
- Medical procedures & evacuation protocols
- Communication and report procedures
- International forces
- Use of force/ Rules of engagement
- Staff's procedures during emergency

Security Recommendations

  - Preparation prior entering high risk zone
  - Security in emergency
  - Creation of a Safe-Room
  - Non-lethal means
  - Security force on-board (routine)
  - Act of security force in alert & emergency
  - Defense means on the vessel
  - Counter-Terrorism (CT)
  - Medical equipment on-board

All PMSC teams are fulfill the IMO requirements as DPA and are certified as Company Security Officers. With experience as DPA and CSO we have the insight in ISM and ISPS from the practical point of view. Our auditors are Lloyds approved and we also have experience as flag state auditors.

Following services are provided:

- Implementation and certification of ISM, ISPS and MLC 2006
- Risk Assessment
- Review os SMS, ship procedures
- Development of SMS manuals and plans
- Conducting all types of audits
- Assisting in development of Ship Assessment and Ship Security Plans

ISM & ISPS Compliance, Audits & MLC 2006 Regulation Compliance:
RISK provides experienced and professional ships/large yachts consultant services, specializing in compliance regulations associated with international covenants, statutes, and requirements.

The experts at International Armour and affiliated Companies are all Master Mariners and are fully conversed in all aspects of ISM / ISPS and MLC 2006 compliance.

ISM Management, ISPS Management & MLC 2006 compliance
: Our mission is to provide simple, economical solutions to the ever increasing list of regulations affecting ships/large yachts.

Safety Regulations & Security: We offer the finest approved ships/yachts safety management and security systems, custom tailored to your needs. Our safety and security procedures and manuals are approved by all major Flag States.
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