GRS - Trunking Digital System

: infrastructure communication solutions only communicate in the geographical area covered by the deployed infrastructure.

There’s no redundancy in communications. In our GRS service we have more than 150 partnerships internationally and we can offer national and international communication where telephone coverage is available.

Our Service Operator Mode Solution uses 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE data infrastructure of all external operators as opposed to technologies that use proprietary. Moreover, as in the same country we have more than one partnership with operators, we are always connected to the best communication range, so in the case that one operator stops working you’ll be connected to the next immediately.

In. short, always the best communication possible inside the country and among other countries with our terminals.

Investment: it’s much more expensive to build and amortize a proprietary infrastructure than to use our service.

Immediate deployment: once we close a sale, we send the terminals and activate our service. Once those terminals are in the country, they can be available to use in a short time as opposed to the time you’ll need to use to build an infrastructure (1 year).

Our terminals are “push-to-talk”. You don’t have to wait for any  ringtones. We offer real time communications worldwide.
You can make individual as well as group calls. Moreover, you can create unlimited use groups.

Robust: they are hard to break.

You can geolocalizate any terminal to know where they are.

Personalization to each client in terms of organization of groups and sectors inside the company.

Security: as opposed to other solutions with risk in security in communications and hosting, we offer 4 types of encryption to offer a safe solution.

Training for our customers. We train all of our clients until they completely understand how our terminals and service is used. Apart from, offering support for any question or issue they may have.

We offer the possibility of installing client APKs on our terminals.

Dispatching application: user and group management application to:

- Control Base - Operations Center.
- Control all your devices from a single program
- Communicate with any device or terminal from your PC
- S.O.S. management
- Management of groups and calls
- Management and Control of the location of the terminals
- Management of the alarm reporting function
- Terminal status control (shutdown, lock)
- Storage of recordings and GPS positioning on the GRS cloud for 3 months (optional)
- Storage of recordings on customer's local server
- Ability to implement exclusion fencing
- Integration via API into customer applications ((e.g. real-time location of each device)

This is a hybrid type of encryption.

RSA is an asymmetric public key encryption algorithm and is considered the standard for encrypting information in the online environment.
The result of RSA encryption is an amalgam of data that makes it difficult to hack into your processing system, making it virtually invulnerable, as a second, private key is required to decrypt the encryption.
AES: The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the algorithm trusted by governments and organizations around the world.
AES is considered secure from threats because of its versatility in generating keys of 128, 192 and 256 bits in length.


SM2 is a public key cryptographic algorithm based on elliptic curves, used for e.g. generation and verification of digital signatures; SM3, a hashing algorithm comparable to SHA-256; and SM4, a block cipher algorithm for symmetric cryptography comparable to AES-128.
The SM2 implementation has been added to block BA414EP, the public key engine.
SM3 is now part of BA413, the fast and complete hashing engine.
And SM4 has been implemented in a new, dedicated IP core BA419.
GRS - Global Radio System

We present a radiocommunications service in a closed group of users, all willing to solve any type of need in different business models.

National operator of terrestrial mobile radio communications in a closed group unites professional radio services with agility and savings of a digital Trunking service.

User groups communicate instantly and permanently without coverage or group size limitations and without investment in infrastructure.

We support the incrypted communication to the companies that need secure, stable Professional Radio Communications Solution with national and/or international coverage, providing clear benefits in terms of costs, connectivity, coverage, rapid deployment and commissioning.
A good professional radio communication system puts at the centre of all action the great need to share information between work teams to achieve the best results and guarantee safety. For this reason, all our terminals and radio equipment offers:
Optimal communication solutions.
Transmission of clear and quality messages.
Immediate and simple communication.
More and better results in the workplace and safety.
Decision making with less risk.
A reliable method of communication between team members.
Interconnection with other applications, terminals and mobile devices.
The most robust terminal

- Built-in GPS
- Long duration battery
- Auxiliary connector for accessories
- SOS button for emergencies
- Ideal for harsh working conditions
- Change of group from dispatch application
The most versatile terminal

- Built-in GPS
- Long duration battery
- It has a screen and keyboard.
- SOS button for emergencies
- Auxiliary connector for accessories
- Calls to groups & individuals from the terminal itself
Wi-Fi Terminal

- Built-in GPS
- Long duration battery
- It has a screen and keyboard.
- SOS button for emergencies
- Auxiliary connector for accessories
- Calls to groups and individuals from the terminal itself
For mixed communications

- Priority mode
- Built-in GPS
- Repeater function
- Long duration battery
- SOS button for emergencies
- Auxiliary connector for accessories
- Calls to groups and individuals from the terminal itself
- It has interconnection between GRS and Analog system
Communications in explosive atmospheres

- Bluetooth
- Touch screen
- Priority mode
- Built-in GPS
- Repeater function
- Wi-Fi network connection
- Long duration battery
- Android operating system
- SOS button for emergencies
Work external applications

- Touch screen
- Video call
- Video surveillance
- Built-in GPS
- Front and rear camera
-  Long duration battery
- Send/Receive Photos/Videos
- Auxiliary connector for accessories
- Possibility of Wi-Fi network connectivity
- Calls to groups/individuals from the terminal
- It has interconnection between GRS and Analog system
Vehicle Model & Base

- U-type bracket
- Built-in GPS
- Handheld microphone
- Specially developed for vehicles and bases
- Calls to groups and individuals from the terminal itself
- 12V power input or 220V power supply

- Define access zones
- Group and call management
- Control over all devices
- Terminal status control (Power off, lock)
- Control Base – Operations Center
- Management of the “dead man” function
- Management and Control of the location of the terminals
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A secure, stable and high-quality line of contact with national and international coverage that benefits and facilitates your daily communication needs.
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