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Vessels weak spots against possible boarding by pirates and the lowest point of the free board.
Stand to positions for Security team members when armed and unarmed.
Hardening of positions if time allows and materials are available.
If razor wire is available, choose positioning for the wire.
External Stores Locked and Secured/Padlocked.
Decks Cleared (Pilot Ladder etc. stowed).
Pipes/Railings Greased.
Portholes/Windows Blacked Out. Deadlights in Place.
External Doors / Hatches Secured / Padlocked (Chocked& Wedged).
Internal Doors Locked / Bolted (chocked & Wedged).
Internal Locks "Reversed".
Ballistic protection of the bridge.
The pirates must be denied access to propulsion.
Position of fire hoses to repel pirates and to put out any fires near the accommodation should the vessel be hit with RPG rounds.
Identify a safe room if one has not already been allocated and a route to be taken by all crew members including Security team members if required as per SSP.
Vessel lockdown procedure, identify all doors and hatches that should be permanently locked leaving one door open at all times for access and egress into the house as per SSP.
Citadel Made Ready (3 days Rations / Water / Comms / toilet / med kit / full list of emergency contact numbers including UKMTO.
Blackening out of all non-essential lighting from windows at night
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