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Were you forward information on the Security Team including number and any security equipment to be embarked?
Did the Team Leader introduce himself and his team to you on their arrival onboard the vessel?
Did the Team Leader adequately brief yourself and the crew after boarding?
(Latest security information regarding the area of operations, review of recent incidents and additional measures that are required to be taken onboard the vessel)
Did the Team members adhere to their operating practices throughout the visit?
Was communication between yourself and the team members adequate during the visit?
Were the security team/members available all the time in order to offer security advice or recommendations?
Any issues or items rose with
a) Master and Team?
b) Team and other crew / passengers?
Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve on our current services?
Other Remarks / Suggestions / Notices

Dear Master,

We invite you to provide us your comments and suggestions regarding our team services and behavior on your good vessel that sailed through the High Risk Area.

You opinion will help us to evolve our services.
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