Alcohol Pads
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3PLYDisposable Face Mask
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KN95  Face mask (FFP2)
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LATEX Surgical Gloves
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PVC Surgical Gloves
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3M 1860 MASK
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Medical / Protective Goggles
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Disposable Vinyl Gloves
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Disposable Boot Covers
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Medical Face Shield
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COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs & airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.
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Due to the International Transportation Problems that we are facing with all the air transportation companies (any type of airplanes availability as well as high costs), we supply our products in FOB basis and/or CIF ASWP (Sea transportation.)

If the buyer insists for air transportation of the goods, this can be arranged in the cost of FOB basis plus the air transportation cost that can be agreed for the quantity that the aircraft can load at that time.

We are scheduling our supplies with priority and according to the ability of export and transit to the requested countries.

We do not keep products on behalf of any entity as we execute all our orders on the basis of FIFO (First in First out).

Payment terms/Procedures

For any confirmed quantity in stock, the BUYER after the contract signature,

(a) or, will accept the fresh-cut SGS certificate of the Seller, if this exists, and will proceed with the payment in full of the agreed quantity

b) or, will proceed with a down payment equal to 25% of the total cost of the agreed quantity in order to arrange his own SGS inspection under his own expenses, and to proceed with the payment in full after the successful inspection.

The payment for the ready products in stock is established the same day, after the agreement signature.

For any quantity that Buyer will order to the Seller and which is not in stock but this needs to be produced according to the capability of the manufacturer and the order priority, the Buyer will proceed with a down payment equal to the 25% of the quantity cost within 2 working days from the relevant contract signature and with the payment in full before the goods be exported and after the SGS inspection that BUYER will make on his own expenses for the quality and the quantity.

If the Buyer for any reason, delays performing on his obligations according to the contract, the Seller will not be responsible if the BUYER loses his priority in the production queue or to any ready product.

Documents & Certificates

On any quantity paid in full and ready to be exported, the SELLER provides to the BUYER,  the below documents;

- B/L marked as PREPAID and TELEX Release (If the agreement is in CIF basis)
- The Commercial invoice in the name of the BUYER
- The Certificate of origin
- The Packing List
- The SGS certificate for the quality and the quantity
- The CE certificate, BSI Certificate, ISO Certificate etc

All the taxes, duties and other official fees and expenses related to the performance of the Contract in the territory of the manufacturer and Seller country shall be paid by the Seller, and outside the territory of the country of the Seller, thus at the destination country, shall be paid by the Buyer.
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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU
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