BioStar 2 Mobile

BioStar 2 Mobile app gives administrators and operators the freedom to manage BioStar 2 anywhere.

The Mobile app developed from
BioStar 2 API.

Manage Users on the Fly

Administrators can easily add, edit or remove users remotely through the app.

The app will also control any installed device on the network to capture new user
s biometric data.
Control Doors Remotely

BioStar 2 Mobile App allows administrators to control the door remotely on their mobile device.

It allows admin to respond to any request
without being tied to their desk.
Live Notifications

Receive live notification and respond to requests or alarms quickly without accessing BioStar 2 via client.

Following events can be notified through the mobile app.
Real-time Monitoring

Monitor current system activities anywhere through the app and track system status.
Filter is provided to efficiently sort data for follow up on past activities.
Make Changes as You See Fit

BioStar 2 Mobile is developed with BioStar 2 API and source code for the app will be provided as an open source.

Anyone who
wishes to add or make modification to the software for their specific needs can make changes or develop their own software using source code as a reference.
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