BioStar 2 API
BioStar 2 API is a comprehensive web application programming interface that provides necessary tools for developers to create applications or integrate BioStar 2 into 3rd party software.
More Ways to Do More

BioStar 2 API provides necessary tools to control
Devices, Terminal, Users, and Biometrics.

is set of REST APIs, which uses JSON formatted data for requests and responses for easier
understanding. Whether it is creating a custom
access control system or integrating biometrics into 3rd party system, BioStar 2 API will handle complicated operations so you can focus on the important things.
Ready to Share,Open Source

All additional functionality aside from Access Control features that is considered as the core is provided through modularized app.

Most of the apps provided will be developed
using BioStar 2 API and will be available as an open source. It will allow the apps to be used as a developer reference for custom development. Extensibility provided through API will help create new values to users and extend versatility of the platform.
BioStar 2 Anywhere

BioStar 2 API utilizes cloud based technology to connect and manage local BioStar 2 server remotely.

Full set of REST APIs allows developers to build solutions to their needs or easily integrate BioStar 2 into 3rd party software.
BioStar 2 Inside

Compact and yet Powerful BioStar 2 Server requires minimal computing resources that allows it to be installed on multiple hardware.

This versatility combined with API will help
create new business model by incorporating features of BioStar 2 to existing systems
such as Time Attendance Terminal, NVR,
NAS, and IoT Hub for a complete security solution.
Build the Perfect Solution BioStar

2 API provides everything that is
needed to develop a perfect solution for customers needs.

Whether it is a integration
of BioStar 2 into existing security software or development of new security solution, BioStar 2 API will provide the necessary tools.
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