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Navy / Multi-role fast patrol boat

Light surface Multi-role patrol boat is high performance assault vessel.

It is capable to reach 40kts with full load with 6 -  8 men Crew (depends on weapon arrangement)  and capable to carry 6 - 8 passengers.

Autonomy of 8 hours on cruising speed

Dimensions Loa 11m,  Boa 3.4m,  T 0.7m

Vessel is transported by land on trailer. For air lift are several connection points on hull.

Connection points can be used for helicopter air lift or parachute drop.

Vessel can be used in wide variety of actions.

Fast insert or extraction of troops, river patrol duty, blockade of ports are just some of actions in which vessel can be used.

Since it is small it can be easily hidden in river bank with camouflage net during day and penetrate deep in enemy territory during night, make diversion actions on enemy facilities or vessels.

With crew which is well trained it can be deadly and invisible to enemy radars and eyes.
- Hull of vessel is completely built from marine grade aluminum alloy with deep V specific bow region.

- Bow region is defined in such way to make big spray of water. This spray hides boat and weapons operators.

- Bow region is strengthen in areas which hit ground in landing actions.

- Double bottom areas are filled with PU foam which ensures that even in case of solid damage of hull, vessel will still float.

- Fuel oil are placed in separate space formed of engine room bulkhead and three more bulkheads.

- In double bottom are several compartments for ammunition and miscellaneous.

- Bow compartment fore of collision bulkhead are filled with PU foam.

- Hull is foreseen with large hatches for easy access to engine and jet units.

- Hatches are insulated with sound and thermal insulation materials.

- Gas springs are provided to hold hatch in open position.

- Stern is foreseen with platform which is used as cover for jet units and platform for water access.

- Platform deck is perforated to prevent water to stay on it.

- In aft part of cockpit, next to engine room bulkhead, two bilge wells are placed.

- All side bulkheads of cockpit are foreseen with railings from inner side.

- Cockpit deck and all decks are covered with anti slip cover.

- Command desk are placed in middle of vessel.

- Vessel is built in such way to protect boat operator.

- Removable side doors are possible as option.

- One movable seat is placed in helmsman protection zone.

- Behind seat is placed foldable mast.
Multi-role fast patrol boat
UNGM 400640