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LRS long-range surveillance with laser illumination
Built for Border Control and Homeland Security

- Camera zoom range 30mm to 1000mm (33×)
- Digital video output (Streaming IP)
- Laser illuminator bore-sighted to camera
- Fast Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) operation
- 808nm semi-conductor laser
- True day/night operation
- Wide temperature range, -40°C to +70°C
- Active back focus temperature compensation

The VISIX LR-1000- PTZi is an integrated, ruggedised, military grade, high-precision PTZi camera, with built-in laser illuminator.

The laser illuminator uses the same type of optics as the zoom lens for optimal field of view at all zoom settings.

The camera and laser unit are bore-sighted, ensuring optimal scene illumination regardless of distance to the object, making it ideal for day or night surveillance for border protection, costal protection, camp perimeter protection, homeland security, and critical infra-structure protection (CIP) applications.
Graphic Overlays

The VISIX LR-1000- PTZi system has a built-in graphic overlay generator that allows arbitrary graphic overlays to be inserted into the image output.

Typical overlays are text strings, showing azimuth, elevation, GPS data or hair crosses or other reticles.

Graphic overlays can be customised to suit specific user requirements.
Optical system

The VISIX LR-1000-PTZi optical system has been developed specifically for use in long-range surveillance.

It features continuous zoom, with a powerful zoom ratio of 30 to 1000mm, plus auto-iris and focus adjustment from 3m to infinity.

The “Auto‑Focus on Demand” focuses the camera system automatically at the push of a button.

The lens design incorporates oil-free, low-friction surfaces with special coatings, high-speed motors with zero backlash and high-precision feedback potentiometers.
Fog penetration

The fog penetration function is designed to automatically increase visibility under conditions including fog, haze and fire smoke.

The camera continuously analyses the picture and once it detects a low-contrast condition, it will automatically enhance the

The Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) in the camera system is a function that analyses the video image and reduces noise, particularly in low-light conditions. The analysis is based on a 2 - and 3 - dimensional algorithm.
Easy installation and operation

The VISIX LR-1000-PTZi camera and laser unit has been developed for easy installation and operation in complex surveillance applications.

Video output is via IP and the unit is controlled via RS.485 with Pelco-D protocol.

The unit can also be controlled locally with keyboard and has an analogue video output.
Visual Range Performance
Conditions for SSIP CAM program: Contrast 30%, Over cast daylight, Sky ratio 3, Visibility 80km, 50% probability, NFOV 0,3° (H),
Dimensions Man: 0.45m × 1.7m. Vehicle dimensions NATO target 2.3m × 2.3m
Mechanical outline and dimensions
Common features:
- All cameras are available in white, beige, green and black
- From -40°C to+70°C operating temperature range
- True Day to Night Mode (switchable color/mono + Near-IR)
- High speed motorised zoom with Autofocus-On-Demand
- Hermetically sealed protective housing
- Highly accurate bore sight retention (line of sight stability)
Visix LR-1000-PTZi
LRS long-range surveillance with laser illumination
Technical Specifications

Image system

High sensitivity 1/3" CCD sensor with complementary mosaic
Effective pixels (H × V) 976 × 582
Aspect ratio 4:3
Video output Video CVBS
Focal length / Horizontal field of view 30 to 1000mm zoom (33×) / 9° to 0.3°
System video resolution 540 TVL (15% video modulation, with lens)
Sensitivity 0,030 Lux, 25% video, F4.5
Spectral response Visible + Near-IR (Switchable IR-cut filter)
Signal to noise ratio
> 52 dB, AGC off
Gamma correction
0.45 / 1.0
Focus range 3m to ∞ (Active back focus temperature compensation)
Image stabilization Optional

Laser illuminator

Laser type / optical power
Laser diode / 8 W
Wavelength 808nm
> 6km
Divergence 9.3° to 0.37° (synchronous to the camera zoom)
NOHD 29m for wide beam, 239m for narrow beam
MTBF 10,000 hours @ 100% ≈ 3 years @ normal operation

Pan / Tilt

Speed, Pan (Azimuth)
Maximum 60° per second, Minimum 0.03° per second - continuous speed at 25°
Speed, Tilt (Elevation) Maximum 60° per second, Minimum 0.03° per second - continuous speed at 25°
Position resolution
Range of motion, Pan 365°
Range of motion, Tilt +40° to -45°
Gear head backlash None

Electrical specifications and functions

Video output
Streaming IP (H.264 or MJPEG), Composite CVBS, 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
Commands/status IP Pelco-D Protocol


Overall dimensions - mm (W × H × L)
414 × 568 × 531
Mounting holes 8 × Ø13mm
Net weight 52kg


Operating voltage
24 VDC ±10% MIL-1275
Maximim current consumption Day: 1.5A + 2A for heater, Night: 6.5A + 2A for heater
Maximum current consumption, moving Day: 5.5A + 2A for heater, Night: 10.5A + 2A for heater
Connectors (power, control) In accordance with MIL 38999
Shock/vibrations Vibration 3.05 Grms and chock 11ms 30g
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -46°C to +75°C
Surface treatment Chromit AL TCP / Painting
Protection IP 65
Bore-sighting retention ±0.2 mRad ≈ ± 2m @ 10km
Bore sight relation Camera/Laser ±0.5 mRad
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