USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) are remote control or autonomous intelligent water surface robots which are able to fulfill multiple tasks.

These are modular designed with multiple functions and safe replacement for human's work.
Autonomous Navigation & Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

- Autonomous Navigation Control system with intellectual property right
- GNSS autonomous navigation due to obstacle avoidance technology and advanced navigation algorithm
Hull Material

- Composite materials of carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar fabric
- Separated cabin design; Water Proof , Anti-sinking , Anti-Capsizing
Data Communication

- Long distance radio communication
- Real time data and video transmission
Multi-Mission Platform

Universal Data interface, power supply and mechanical structure
Green Energy

- High Capacity lithium ion polymer battery
- Long endurance and safely packed
Intelligent Control Terminal

- Base Station-Map download, Mission planning and monitoring, Survey data acquisition, Boat control
- Remote Controller / Manual control, Mission and boat status
Autonomous Cargo Ship
Next generation of maritime transportation
1.05 m; 5 m/s; 10 kg
A remote controlled one-man-operation platform for ADCP
1.05 m; 5 m/s; 10 kg
An auto-pilot one-man operation platform for ADCPs
1.05 m; 5 m/s; 10 kg
One-man-operated & single point water sampling solution
1.15 m; 1.5 m/s; 15 kg
Autonomously collect water samples and quality data for water environment monitoring
1.15 m; 1.5 m/s; 15 kg
Collect your water samples from multiple spots
1.63 m; 5 m/s; 15 kg
Auto-pilot one-stop hydrographic surveying solution
1.6 m; 5 m/s; 15 kg
Waterjet auto platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement
1.6 m; 5 m/s; 15 kg
Waterjet RC platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement
1.6 m; 5 m/s; 15 kg
Screw-propelled RC platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement
2.5 m; 5 m/s; 50 kg
Convertible catamaran USV platform for hydrographic survey
3.3 m; 10 knots; 65 kg
A state of the art hydrographic platform designed for multi beam survey
5.65 m; 12 knots; 150 kg
Long endurance multifunctional platform for hydrographic survey
5.27 m; 30 knots; 200 kg
High-speed surveillance and outstanding performance at night shifts
7.5m; 46 knots; 500 kg
Fast-response in marine fire emergency
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