April 2017

We hereby inform our clients and business partners that our Company is cooperate in close contact with the relevant authorities of Philippines against any terrorists threat within Country's waters.
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MarSec Services at Sulu Sea

International Armour (NATO and UN registered Company) has a close cooperation with the Philippines  Authorities in order to provideany security assistance that is requested from any vessel that is sailing through the Sulu Sea High Risk Waters of Philippines against any terrorist threat.

The Sulu Sea between eastern Malaysia and the Philippines and the Celebes Sea in the northern side has become dangerous for merchant ships due to the rising threat of piracy.

Both the Celebes Sea and the Sulu archipelago are still strongly held by Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda linked group notorious for its kidnappings, its violent attacks against assets on the water, and its ruthless hijackings.

Due to the latest incidents in the areas and the great demand from our clients in shipping for Maritime Security Services on their vessels that are passing through the National waters of the Philippines and because within the National coastal and ports of Philippines the PMSCs are not allowed to act in arms, our Company in close contact with the Philippines Maritime Troopers is legally providing protection to the vessels that are requesting such service.

Troopers Team is constituted of 4 armed personnel with military experience to protect the vessel, the cargo and the crew against any piracy threats.

The equipment that team is using on board is all the time this of the Philippines troopers while the entire mission is under the continual supervision of the local authorities.

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How big a threat is this? 
The Sulu Sea between eastern Malaysia and the Philippines has become dangerous for merchant shipping due to rising threat of kidnappings.

The Sulu archipelago is a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda linked group notorious for kidnappings and, increasingly, piracy.

International Maritime Bureau said global sea kidnappings rose three-fold in 2016, even as global piracy hit its lowest level in nearly 20 years.

Pirates kidnapped 62 people for ransom in 15 separate incidents in 2016.
The Sulu archipelago is a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda linked group notorious for kidnappings and, increasingly, piracy

Piracy in the Sulu Sea - The “new Somalia” or a limited threat?
The National Counter terrorism Centre describes the Abu Sayyaf Group (“ASG”) as “the most violent of the Islamic separatist groups operating in the Southern Philippines and it has as one of its aims the promotion of an independent Islamic State in western Mindanao.
This group has kidnapped a number of mainly Malaysian and Indonesian seafarers over the past year mainly from tugs and fishing boats.
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We have the solution!

The “time” in shipping industry it is the most critical factor while it is direct connected with the costs and the profits.

There are many reasons to excuse a delay of a ship arrival on time on its destination port, to name Bad weather, engine problems, delays occurred in other ports or due to the routes that vessels are choosing in order to avoid high risk waters.

All the above are costing time and money where some can be avoided and some cannot.

Our Company, in order to eliminate the factor  “Risk” and “the deviation of a ship in order to avoid any threat related to pirates“ which is direct connected with the factor time and cost, has secure the assistance of the relevant countries authorities in order to legal secure the ships that are passing through these areas high risk waters and with main emphasis the Sulu Sea Archipelago.

Ships that are sailing from West or North West Australian ports to Chinese and Japanese ports does need any more to avoid the direct routes  through Makassar Strait, Celebes sea and Sulu sea increasing both their arrival time and transits costs.

All around these countries we have ready teams (governmental forces) in order we secure yours ship’s safety passage.

Embarking our Indonesian teams in arms at Mataram (strait/passage from Indian Ocean to Bali sea) and following direct the route through Makassar strait to Sebatic OPL in Indonesia/Malaysian borders where team is disembarked and further from Bongao OPL in Philippines where our team of 4 Maritime Police personnel undertakes the secure of your vessel up to OPL Mindoro and/or OPL Manila or Manila Port, you save a tidy and critical time.

No more …

Why Us?

Because we are in defense and security business for more than 15 years

Because we know what our clients need in order they real are safe and secure and not only feel safe and secure!

Because we act LEGAL and professional in the Philippines HRA under legal cooperation with the local authorities.

Because  we keep our own facilities and our own control center(s) and intelligence services teams in order we continually monitoring all transits/missions in process and in order we are in 24hrs basis in contact with the teams on board, the local Maritime Police Authorities of Philippines and the masters of the ships, providing the relevant information needed to the ship owners/charterers and the Maritime Security Companies we cooperate/assist.

Because, subject to the shipping Companies request we provide certified BSLO on missions through legal licensed personnel that are complying with all requested legal approvals and have the credentials as well as the full knowledge in order to accomplish all the needed actions for the security of the ship, the cargo on board and the crew members safety against any threat in to the High Risk Areas/waters of Sulu sea.

Because there are so many other reasons to trust your ship and your crew safety to us!
It is not what we do, it is HOW we do it!
You don't need any more to spend time and money in deviations or to proceed in expensive solutions such as  escort vessels around the areas of Philippines while now you can have a safe and secure passageway with us!
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