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VIP & Executive Security Services

Your job is business, or job is your safety!

We have the experience and resources to implement security solutions for your facilities and events of any scope.

Our outstanding training programs and employee benefits enable us to hire and retain the best security officers and offer our clients an exceptional level of service.

WHY us?

Company is operated by practicing law enforcement professionals in order each client to be assigned with an experienced supervisor who has overall responsibility for operations.

However, top-level management is never more than a phone call away.
The Client who will request for Close Protection Officer(s) (CPO) for its holiday or business destination must be informed that the CPO(s) will be fully trained, managed,  supported by our Company and will carry out the following tasks:

• Security for the Client at its destination
• Security of its family and/or friends
• Security of its property

Additional Tasks will be included:

- Assistance with driving tasks and logistical support
-Technical testing of intruder alarms, fire alarms and panic buttons
- Route planning for the various routine and non-routine trips
- Patrol of all locations that are to be visited
- Emergency plans for fire, medical and crisis management
- Security awareness and first aid training for staff
- Operations Center 24/7
- Screening and monitoring of sub-contracted staff in and around the house
- Ensuring all contractors have signed a confidentiality agreement
- Ensure good relationships are built up with the Police and Emergency Services in
each destination
Your job is business,
or job is your safety!
Our core values are based on high standards of business integrity
Perfection In Every Second

Our officers have a clear understanding of their roles, their authority and how to use force if warranted.

Good 24/7 Communication

We hire Greek, Russian, Arab and English speaking,  reading, writing employees who can effectively communicate with clients and public.

VIP Philosophy

Providing premium quality services, training security officers to the professional level, and delivering what has been promised to clients.

Responsive and Dependable

Our Company hands-on management team and field supervision force are structured to react quickly and effectively to any security challenge or concern.
Complete Security for High-Profile Clients

The company's experienced and intensively trained employees are capable of carrying out the highest level of security for executives and VIPs.

Whether it is a known threat or a possible threat, we will assess the best security needs for the situation.

Whether it is a business meeting, a formal event or estate protection, we provide the manpower necessary to meet any agenda or criteria

Trained and experienced personnel ensure properly planned and protected escorts to the destination.
Quality and experienced personnel ensure the confidence needed for VIP, executive and celebrity protection in the day-to-day civilian environment - 24/7.

Our standards of protection, patrol and surveillance reflect the highest professional standards and are tailored to the executive's or VIP's working and living environment
No matter the country or language, BODYGUARD SECURITY  maximizes protection for Executives, VIPs and Celebrities by incorporating our global resources and real-time intelligence.


We’ve learned that most people do not like the "mob" effect of protection that seeks to smother or cover the protected person. Good protective work is seldom seen, but always present. Our agents are highly experienced in working with the VIP community, taking into account the unique style and specific needs of the person or people we’re protecting.

We are repeatedly hired to protect:

Famous entertainers & celebrities
News correspondents


Executives may need protection from workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations or disgruntled employees. Corporate heads may need to travel to dangerous or unstable environments. No matter the situation, BODYGUARD SECURITY has the solutions and experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Boards of Directors and other corporate leaders.

We help you create security strategies and detailed plans that deter and reduce threats. As needed, our Executive Protection Program can include:

Security surveys
Advance team deployment
Deployment of armed agents
Equipment coordination
You make business, we keep you safe

Our key benefit is Security and based on the large circle of contacts we developed a Concierge department that can provide inland first class services.

Furthermore, we have set the highest standards for all of our partners and recruited the best one’s in order to be able to provide the highest level of services to all of our clients.

Our mission is all the clients to have the opportunity to experience luxury and exclusive Services, we are confident to meet the most demanding customers by offering them customized concierge services
We have the right fleet that fit your needs
Our modern fleet of Private Cars, Jets and Helicopters we can provide, can satisfy the most demanding customer.

We strive daily to satisfy even the most specialized requirements of our clients, who want to travel in a safe, pleasant and luxurious environment.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive personalized travel experience with security in mind, luxury, discretion and care.

Whether we are protecting a Fortune 100 executive or your property and your life, our team has the experience and is all the time constitute by specialized personnel that offers a broad array of protective services to meet your specific needs.
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