A NEW Dimension in Perimeter Security

The SabraFence Group is proud to present a first-time,innovative multiple technology transducers for perimeter protection (Patent Protected Product).

Security Fencing - SabraFence System is a new and innovative Perimeter Protection System combining cutting edge electronics and complex mathematical algorithms to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium with environment canceling controls.

Easy to install, cost-efficient and adaptable, the SabraFence transducer is connected to any fence, wall,perimeter  structure or combination of these, providing excellent detection resolution to each unique sensor in the chain analyzing signals(vibration  -magnetic - temperature) on the spot.

The SabraFence Technology ensures your perimeter security and engages, Innovation, Novelty, Affordable, Excellent, Performance,  Cutting Edge Technology, Easy Installation & Configuration

System Advantages

- Resolution of detection - Per transducer (3 meters)
- The system is user friendly and it is based on windows operating system
- The system's hierarchical structure is one level - from the controller directly to any detector
- The system supports up to 250 detectors in each branch - 750 meters
- Each controller can run multiple branches as needed
- The system contains an alarm display user interface with on a map or a physical picture of the site (Including sub - Maps)
- Sensitivity can be set for each transducer separately
- Each transducer includes a Temperature sensor (Temperature of maximum and minimum)
- Each transducer includes a Magnetic sensor, for pathway protecting
- The system enables indication on guard patrol route by marking specific detectors
- The system allows reporting several different alarm systems in various ways (Dry contact communication 232RS)
- The system allows for conditions to prevent false alarms and around cities when opening and closing gates
- If the system is connected to the Internet, location identification can be performed on all detectors to Google Earth platform
- The system allows for directing cameras towards the detector, which has warned
The Multi Technology

TRANSDUCER:  Each transducer has as built-in sophisticated algorithm with unique algorithm parameters (different sensitivity for each one) in order to calculate the "weight" of an event, after filtering any "noise" and transmit it SabraHUB for further processing and action decisions.

Each transducer contains the following sensors:

- Vibrations detection
- Temperature detection
- Magnetic Sensing for passageway handling
- Internal Vibrator for Self-test (Optional)
- Smart Patrol system

The Sabra Fence Technology ensures your perimeter security and engages,

- Innovation
- Novelty
- Affordable
- Excellent Performance
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Easy Installation & Configuration
SabraFence System

We and SabraFence Technologies, designs, manufactures and installs market innovative transducers for perimeter security solutions.

SabraFence solution, is a new and innovative Perimeter Protection System, combining cutting edge electronics and complex mathematical algorithms to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium with environment canceling controls.

The SabraFence system is based on sensors which are identify intrusion attempts by sensing movement in the supporting structure using MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) vibration sensing devices.

The system is easily installed on any fence, wall or pipe infrastructure, using simple adaptors or off-the-shelf metal bands.

The transducers are over-molded on a standard outdoor cable, each exchanged information over RS485 with SabraHUB unit.

Each transducer has a micro-processor with a unique address which is processing the intensity of the event (calculate and filter that event is true or false), according to configurable parameters, and transmit them in the control unit for processing.

Each transducer could be adjusted to fine tune the sensitivity and functionality individual.

Transducers are molded over the cable, every 3m to 5m, enabling operations under extreme environmental conditions.

The transducers include multiple sensing devices and technologies to enable using same transducer for variety of applications according to customer needs.

The control unit (PC unit / Laptop / SabraHUB) displays various types of events - vibration, magnetic and temperature -  and reports these to the existing alarm system or to any dry contact, according programming and customer necessities.
Vibration: Built-in MEMS technology unique vibration sensor
Magnetic: Built-in magnetic sensor for handling passageways.
Temperature: A temperature sensor for timely detection of a fire source or an irregular change in temperature.
Vibration motor: Each transducer contains a miniature vibration motor producing and active event, in order to check sensor.
Revolution in Perimeter Security

- Easy to install in small or medium sites and linked to existing alarm systems and any type of existing fence or wall.

- Multiple Sensing & detection ability in the same Transducer & Communication lines.

- Transducers are fully encapsulated - IP67 standard.

- Decentralization the detection and analysis - CPU in each sensor.

- Active mechanical self test using coin vibrator - Patented pending.

-  Build-in temperature / fire detector and magnetic sensor for passageway.

- "Smart Patrol" - Magnetic based advanced patrol documentation system.

- Easy interface either with PC/Laptop or off the shelf Alarm systems using Sabra HUB.

- Affordable.
SabraFence Technology

Over the years Electronic fencing systems have proved high detection efficiency.
They are not commonly used by the private & commercial markets due to high installation and maintenance costs.
SabraFence is an innovated cutting edge technology multiple sensing transducers for perimeter and security systems.
It is an add-on system to any fence, wall or perimeter obstacle.
SabraFence provide excellent detection resolution within each sensor in the chain.
Maintenance Advantages

- The system is simple and quick installation software without prior knowledge and minimal training.
- Maintaining most malfunctions can be performed by local technicians.
- If necessary, a technical support via the Internet can be done
Sabra Fence is your Perimeter Security Solution which is providing protection in any fence size through an intelligent software platform.
Sabra Fence installations - all around the World

We have to show many installations in our area as well as as in Europe, Asia, Australia and United States of America, through and with our co-operators and affiliated companies.

Security Fencing - SabraFence System is a Patent Protected Perimeter Security System combining cutting edge electronics and complex mathematical algorithms to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium with environment canceling controls.

Easy to install, cost-efficient and adaptable, the SabraFence system fits to any perimeter structure (fence, wall, metal doors etc) or combination of these, providing excellent security detection by analyzing signals (vibration  -magnetic - temperature) on the spot.

The SabraFence Technology ensures your perimeter security!

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The Sabra Fence Sensors identify intrusion attempts by sensing movement in the supporting structure using MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) technology.

The digitized response is then analyzed by complex mathematical algorithms to detect between true attacks, random false alarms or environmental events.

Detection is down to the individual sensor. Standard spacing is at 5metres, (3metres option available).

The Sabra Fence System utilizes a x86 based computer running optimized Windows XP or Windows 7 with a color graphical display showing the current state and alarms of each sensor overlaid onto customized client oriented maps/images given intuitive understanding of the exact location of detected events. Via an external interface, PTZ cameras or lighting can be activated to give real time visual confirmation.

The  Sabra Fence system uses a modular approach to perimeter security; encapsulated along a combined power and communications cable are the Sabra Fence sensors.

Within each sensor is a Power Conditioning circuit, Microprocessor, Sensing Elements and Communications Bus requirements.

Each sensor is individually addressed to allow unique interaction for event detection, parameter setting, and sensitivity calibration.

This will allow a single Sabra Fence Sensor chain to span multiple substrate materials within the same chain length. 

For example, a chain may be run out of an office building constructed of Pre-fabricated Aluminum foam paneling, onto the adjacent Chain wire Security Fencing, across/under a gate, onto a concrete block/brick wall. It may then continue on via a high security weld mesh, or palisade inner high security area, including the color bond weather proofing, before  finishing up on the inside of a solid concrete vault.
Each sensor of this theoretical perimeter is as sensitive as the next due the unique calibration that each will receive.

The  Sabra Fence algorithm has a multilevel approach to the detection and calculation of collected data in determining events.
How it works
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This complex and random sequence analysis of the gather individual and collective data successfully eliminates environmental and no specific events.

The calculations and process algorithms used in SabraFence are highly complex and use detailed statistical mathematics to determine unique events that may be of lower amplitude signal, hidden in a noisy fence line, i.e.  a ladder being placed on the fence on a windy day.

Sabra System sensors are:

    - A temperature sensor which detect unusual changes in temperature.
    - A magnetic sensor for use with the Sabra Fence Magnet at gates and crossing points.
    - Smart patrol recording - identifies guard rounds passing each sensor through selection and
       recording on the control unit.

The Sabra Fence Hub unit software performs several operations in parallel:

    - Scanning the Sensors in the chain, receiving a report about the condition of all the Sensors
    - Reporting events to various external units such as alarm systems, dry contacts or
      communications components
    - Displays the status of the Sensors on the local user interface, typically used by technicians
      during installation
    - Simultaneous recording of events on demand

Installation of Sabra Fence is a relatively fast and simple process for most applications.

The Sabra Fence Sensor is specially shaped to allow mechanical fastening via a bolt and nut, or a screw or similar. Alternatively the Sensor can be affixed via ties to the structure.

SabraFence Security System is the solution in order trully be and not only feel safe!
UNGM 400640