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We, the undersigned, hereby confirm the order of the rifles/sets bellow mentioned which are for our maritime security missions and with delivery of goods under delivery procedures to the nominate bellow country from which we will obtain relevant import licenses.

Please provide us your Full Corporate Offer in order we officially accept this and proceed with the next steps required for the purchase of the bellow mentioned sets.
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Zastava Semi Auto Rifles model,
Also the relevant helmets (according the rifles number) in level IIIA model PASGT, the relevant Molle Ballistic carriers and the Stand alone ballistic plates in level IV (2 plates per carrier) as well as the relevant cases (equipment, ammo, rifles) according to the number of rifles/sets.
extra total ammunition in same caliber with ordered rifles (out of the 250 standard rounds per rifle)
Rfiles cases to be of         rifles capacity each
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