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Autonomous water sampling and monitoring boat

The Smart LifeBuoy bright color and flash lights make it eminently noticeable in water and reduce the risk of the rescuer losing sight of the victim.


Reduces rescue costs because it is battery powered and remotely navigable requiring less in the way of fuel costs.


The Smart LifeBuoy rescue robot is a weather neutral platform that operates equally well in adverse weather and swift water.


Remote control rescue reduces risks such as panicking victims and/or adverse water conditions leading to the rescuer becoming an additional victim.


Smart LifeBuoy is  quicker to deploy within minutes than other rescue vehicles like small vessels, Zodiacs, jet skis, etc.


Every water rescue is different and those charged with rescue should have as many effective tools at their disposal to tailor the quickest, safest response to each scenario to give every potential victim the best chance to be rescued.
Autonomous water sampling and monitoringboat is extended version of sampling boat by adding online monitoring function with ability to integrate multi-parameters probe. Mostly applied in lake, river, estuary and costal area.

It brings great efficiency in surface water quality monitoring and mapping.

- Automatic Multi-point water samples taking and water quality monitoring
- Each Sample's volume is configurable between 0-1800ml
- Able to integrate with water quality probe for online monitoring
- Parameters such as, Temperature. PH, DO, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA, Chloride, Nitrate etc
- Water quality monitoring data output and mapping
- Video monitoring and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance
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Remote Controlled Lifebuoy
1.5x buoyancy
Highly visible flash light
Simplified remote control
Tangle proof and injury proof
Gopro for scene record
Self righting flip
The leading unmanned surface rescue vehicle (USRV) for public safety, lifeguards, marinas, offshore oil and gas platforms, and ships.
With the ultrasonic sensors, the ESM30 USV can detect and bypass obstacles 10 meters ahead to avoid collision.

In manual mode, user can observe water environment by the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.
Intelligent collision avoidance
A environment monitoring USV to autonomously collect water samples and quality data from multiple spots
Solves the number one pain point of water rescues - panicking victims and the risk that they represent to another person attempting to rescue them in the water - by offering a remotely navigable, buoyant platform that has lights that can be seen at night and is much more resistant to adverse water conditions than other options.

Augments existing vehicular assets such as Zodiacs, jet skis, and other small rescue vessels by decreasing cost and increasing the efficiency of rescue missions.

Supplements existing water rescue equipment such as ropes, rescue lines, and ring buoys with a fast device that offers maximum assistance to swimmers.

The Smart  LifeBuoy can operate in harsh environments surrounding offshore platforms, which commonly experience high seas and conditions unfavorable to rapidly deploying manned assets.

Unlike existing indirect rescue systems and assets, the Smart  LifeBuoy deploy quickly and directly - reducing the heavy burden of costs (insurance, etc) associated with deploying rescue and recovery operations by platform staff or government response.