Gulf of Guinea
Why Us?

It is estimated that damages tied with the consequences of Piracy and Terrorism may cost shipping companies millions of dollars each year, while causing critical harm to the company's image and inflicting physical and psychological damage to the employees and their families.

Acting under legal agreements with our agents and representatives in Nigeria areas we totally secure your ship and your crew from any threat or violence.

We deliver a defensible and protective solution by providing armed governmental teams on board at area in order we supervise and prepare the vessel and its crew to navigate the most dangerous risk areas within the waters of Nigeria.

In full cooperation with the armed teams on board our bridge security liaison officer assists with the procurement of materials and the equipment required, installing the security measures and provides the risk assessments to re-enforce existing defensive measures.

We provide design consultation and installation guidance of permanent anti-piracy measures on any new vessel during the build phase, being at the same time fully compliance with maritime safety and security codes

We always have a Chief Security Officer (CSO) and a legal advisor available around the clock all year to support the operational teams and maritime law matters.
MarSec Services in NIGERIAN Waters

International Armour (NATO and UN registered Company) in contractual agreement(s) with agents and providers of maritime security solutions in the area of Nigeria with and through the supervision of the local naval authorities is all the time ready to undertake with total confidentiality, accuracy and effectiveness any security services you might request in area of Nigeria.

Basic services provided:

· ARMED Security Escort Vessels.
· ARMED On-board Naval Teams.
· UNARMED Maritime Security Liaison Officers
· Stowaway Searches

Where services are available in Nigeria all ports and terminals and in Togo Lome and Kpeme ports through ARMED on board Naval Security Teams (from 3-12 Nm within Territorial Waters) and with minimum 8 approved Naval Guards

Also in Nigeria all port and terminals we provide ARMED Security Escort Vessels (from 30-120 Nm off Port / Terminal) and with minimum 8 approved Naval Guards.

We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU
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How big a threat is this? 
Nigerian Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea a Major Risk for Merchant Shipping!

The Gulf of Guinea continues to be one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world for merchant shipping.

Armed and dangerous pirate gangs from the Niger Delta have been responsible for attacking commercial vessels throughout the wider region, conducting armed robberies, stealing oil and abducting crew for ransom.
If you are a Maritime Security Company (PMSC) that looks for a cooperation in such services to any ship of your client that is sailing in area contact us.
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In order to be safe and not only to feel safe!
It is not what we do, it is HOW we do it!
Our Company can also arrange any transit you may have within the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia waters under competitive prices for PMSCs.
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- Fully ballistic Escort Boats can achieve a speed of 23 - 30 Knots
- Non-ballistic Escort Boats are various and can achieve a speed of 10 - 22 Knots
Gulf of Guinea Piracy 2016
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