Micro satellites are small individual low orbit space crafts with capabilities such as earth observation, research, inspection and collection - processing of various data and images (earth -space) together with the ability of live transmission of images.

Micro Satellites are high technology - last generator low orbit space crafts which are moving circularly around earth in a distance of 400 km to 800 km and they complete a full circulation around earth in 90 minutes time.

Their weight is between 50 kg to 300 Kg or more, subject their usage.

Micro satellites can have interactive communication with the land and can be easily controlled from an earth station according the equipment and the software that we load on these.

Our mainly activity is the study, the proposal and the development - manufacturing and lunching of micro Satellite constellations - through our teams of professionals and scientists in defense and space industry.

The usage of geostatic satellites is reduced mainly to telecommunication and broadcasting in regard with earth observation satellites (micro satellites) where the applications are many (military, scientific, civilian etc.)


- Borders control
- Plants photographing - Earth observation
- Real time observation
- Security
- Environment protection (rural guarding, Fires etc.)
- Agricultural growth (Land, Fishery etc)
- Sea / coasts protection
- Oil, gold, value metals exploration
- Earths electrical - magnetic field measurements
- Astronomy and scientific studies (X-ray Astronomy)
- Commercial applications
- Governmental cadastre
- Applications in all Ministries (Foreign - Defense - Public order ministry etc)
- State modernization

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Micro Satellites
Implementation and applications
The platform (bus) development of a micro satellites it take place together with the implementation of the payload. 

For each application, necessary is the implementation of a special payload and the development of a software.

For each micro satellite payload also necessary is the implementation of a special development application.

Earth observation micro satellites, are using special cameras, telescopes and infrared sensors.

The business scope in micro satellites low orbit constellation implementation, is the near real time earth observation with the increment of the frequency of each micro satellite passing over a pre-designed geographical position of earth.

The simultaneous delineation of a pre-designed position on earth from two or more micro satellites in different orbit, allows (through a specific software) the three dimension (3D) and the near real time observation of the earth, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

In order to achieve the near real time observation, and cover customers demands (in all sections), we have calculated that a constellation of 12 to 13 micro satellites must be in orbit full operational and equipped.

This means four (4) micro satellites manufacturing per year, as the average life of a micro satellite in orbit is between 3 to 4 years.
Military Applications

- Strategic intelligence
(Detection of strategic facilities including ports, airfields, major lines of road and rail communication as well as identification of major military facilities)

- Monitoring of indicators & warnings, including border & land control
(Detection of activity at military  training areas,  monitoring of traffic at choke points, surveillance of activity at military bases and production facilities)

- Operations planning
(Intelligence preparation of the battle space, including Enemy Order-of-Battle Assessment / target recognition)

- Operational deployment
(Detection of activity at dispersal points, identification of movement patterns for military vehicles)

- Situation awareness
(Identification of particular ships, submarines,  in port, detection of trains, Identification of large aircraft at airfields,   Reconnaissance to identify enemy centres of gravity)

- Combat operations
(Detect and recognize deployments of  high-value military targets)

- Battle damage assessment
(Identify primary weapon effect  radius, secondary weapon effects)

- Logistic support
(Monitoring of lines of communication Identification of suitable re-supply points)

Peace enforcement and support

Civilian Applications

- Land planning / Usage
- Harvest and growth anticipation
- Land de-population
- Environment
- Water resources
- Oil research
- Agricultural growth planning
- Geology & Minerals
- Forest resources
- Infrastructure planning
The observation with micro satellites provides information regarding  land quality, agricultural, climate conditions and products selection and evaluation per area.
Scientific Applications

- Space research
- Earth research
Earth sciences research services, geology, and environmental geography, including data searches, data analysis and statistics
Governmental Use

- Ministry of Defense
- Ministry of Public Order
- Marine Ministry
- Ministry of Agricultural
- Ministry of Land and Environment
- Ministry of Interior
- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Telecommunication & Transportation
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Public sector
Micro Satellites Advantages
- Near real time video quality
- Three Dimensions image with the usage of 2 or more micro satellites
- Earth observation / Geographical positions monitoring
- Data and images from land.
- Data and images through UV, IR Electromagnetic sensors etc.
- Micro-satellite Constellations
- Image and data processing and distribution
It is Internationally acceptable that the geostationary satellites have contribute in Business and countries management but micro satellites are and will contribute in the growth and the update of the States as the specialists and analysts are anticipate.

Today, images of our planet are acquired continuously; they have become powerful scientific tools to enable better understanding and improved management of the Earth and its environment.

Depending on their orbit and intended function, different Earth Observation satellite instruments have differ spatial resolutions, which mean the minimum size of detail observable in an image.
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