Training Simulator for Maritime

This simulation training is optimized for complex and realistic simulation environments.

In doing so ECA Group assures safety and excellence whilst meeting today’s continuously evolving needs of the maritime industry and those of the future.

In the Simulation training Company is a recognized supplier of simulation and training solutions for both civil and military maritime applications.

Simulators spare real-world equipment from wear-and-tear and exposure to the elements, as well as enabling training in extreme situations that would be virtually impossible to practice in real life.

Packed with state-of-the-art technology, Training Simulators enable digital transmission of all sequences and recording of all activity with continuous depiction of events.

These can be reproduced at any time for evaluation and review of the training. This offers enormous flexibility and caters for a number of training objectives. Training can be customized in line with the customer’s requirement by integrating and subsequently upgrading or expanding simulators as necessary.

A strong point is the provision of Turnkey solutions from a single source. This includes our effective customer support process in all critical project phases from installation to “training of the trainers”. The result is a wide range of high quality cost effective solutions from desktop to full mission simulators.

Expertise in the field of simulation technology encompasses all unmanned and autonomous vehicle simulation as well as a wide range of dedicated maritime activities. These include Bridge simulators providing ship handling and navigation training to Engine Room, Damage Control, VTS and DP simulators.

In addition, we offer specific mission training simulation such as Oil Spill mission training and Crisis Management simulators.

Our new generation DNV certified simulators are in compliance with current STCW requirements. Providing advanced training solutions for use by nautical colleges, naval academies, maritime training centres and individual private companies.

Training for ship handlers and Bridge Watch Keepers is important for all professional mariners. New technologies are enhancing and even replacing some traditional methods of instruction.

Sophisticated models are now used to train and assess individuals and teams in benign and hostile environments. Simulation fidelity is now so advanced that it is replacing actual training vessels. Obvious advantages of computerized simulation include cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Once in place simulators avoid fuel and crew costs. Simulation training can be delivered to multiple students and can be tailored to specific ship. These incorporate new technologies such as ARPA, ECDIS and GMDSS.

Today’s simulators can replicate operating environments which may be quite different from the training locality and extreme conditions can be introduced that may not be available in real life such as high sea states. Simulators allow the rehearsal of complicated evolutions. Mooring to a pier in high winds or underway replenishment is conducted without putting ships or people at risk of damage or injury.
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Solutions for IMO / STCW Training

Bridge Operation Training 
Machinery Operations Training 
Radio Communication Training 
Dynamic Positioning Training 
Safety and Security Training 
VTS Operations Training 
Remotely Operated Vehicle Training
Solutions for IMO / STCW Professional Courses

Radar Courses (IMO Model 1.07, 1.08) 
ECDIS Courses (IMO Model 1.27) 
GMDSS Courses (IMO Model 1.25, 1.26, 1.31) 
Bridge Watch Team Courses (IMO Model 1.08, 1.22) 
SAR Courses (IMO Model 1.08, 1.23, 1.24) 
IMO Courses 6.09 - 6.10