Why Us?

Acting under legal agreement with Alpha Omega and Malaysian / Indonesian authorities we provide armed maritime security service on board in the coastal both countries.

Due to the latest incidents in the area of Malaysia and Indonesia and according to the requests of our clients in shipping industry for Armed Maritime Security Services to their vessels that are passing through the Malaysian, Indonesian and the National waters of Philippines (Sulu Sea), we have proceeded in a contractual agreement with Alpha Omega Company which is the holder of the agreement between the Indonesian and Malaysian authorities and with the authorities of the Philippines where our Company is the holder of this agreement in order to secure all the ships that are requiring such security services legally through the Indonesian and Malaysian Police and Naval authorities as well as the Maritime Police of Philippines (MARPOL).

In full cooperation with all governmental entities we deploy on board highly trained and legally armed personnel to secure your ships passages through all the areas with pirate activities, thus from Sabang, Batam Jakarta, Mataram to Sandakan and Kudat and further from Davao, General Santos, Zamboanga and Balabac to Jimenez, Surigao, Bacolad and Manila.

We use high technology defense devices and equipment in order we secure that the ships that are passing through High Risk areas are totally safe.
MarSec Services at Indonesia & Malaysia Waters

We, International Armour (NATO and UN registered Company) and our business partners, are providing Maritime Security Services to all vessels that are sailing through Indonesian and Malaysian High Risk Waters.

The embarkation and disembarkation is established through Malaysian and Indonesian Police and Marines Guards at Batam, Mamuju, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Sabang, Sebatik,  Sandakan, Tawau and Kudat.

In all such places we keep ready teams from local authorities to secure your vessel in a short notice.

The teams are constituted by 2 to 3 experience personnel (subject to mission) in arms, securing vessels, cargo and crew from any threat while ships are sailing through the high risk areas of the countries.

The minimum (standard) equipment that we are using in the area is this of the Maritime Police;

- Automatic Rifles
- Ballistic Helmets
- Ballistic Vests/Carriers and ballistic plates
- Binoculars (day/night/thermal vision)
- SAT Phones
- Team communication devices
- Team Medical Kits

Also in special cases/transits we are using,
drones for surveillance, heavy weapons and latest technology defense devices and equipment.

All teams are acting according to the International rules of force, rules of engagements and SOP but mostly according to their countries (Indonesia or Malaysia) rules of force, rules of engagements and SOP's as the security services that are provided are all the time within their National waters and territory.

Special risk assessments and defense measures are took place before any mission while schedules and plans are agreed in order an enemy or threat to be effectively neutralized.

The Alpha Omega Company makes all the diligence required and deem necessary to coordinate with the Coast Guards/Naval Guards of the country that service is provide on ongoing operations.

For maritime security services in area and for more information needed, do not hesitate to, contact us!

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How big a threat is this? 
The Malacca straight, the Java Sea, the Celebes Sea and the Sulu Sea between eastern Malaysia and the Philippines has become dangerous for merchant shipping due to rising threat of kidnappings.

Areas our of the pirates are also strong held by the Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda linked group notorious for kidnappings and, increasingly, piracy.

International Maritime Bureau said global sea kidnappings rose three-fold in 2016, even as global piracy hit its lowest level in nearly 20 years.

Pirates kidnapped 62 people for ransom in 15 separate incidents in 2016.
If you are a Maritime Security Company (PMSC) that looks for a cooperation in such services to any ship of your client that is sailing in area contact us.
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You don't need any more to spend time and money in deviations or to proceed in expensive solutions such as  escort vessels around the areas of Malaysia and Indonesia while now you can have a safe and secure passageway with us!
It is not what we do, it is HOW we do it!
Our Company can also arrange any transit you may have within the Philippine waters under competitive prices for PMSCs.
We secure ships with 2 or 3 personnel in routes:

Batam to Natuna
Mamuju to Sebatik
Batam to Jakarta
Balikpapan to Sebatik
Batam to Balikpapan
Jakarta to Balikpapan
Sabang to Batam
Sebatik to Mataram
Batam to Banjarmasin
Sabang to Natuna
Sabang to Jakarta
Tawau to Sandakan
Tawau to Kudat
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For any other route that it is not included in our list, contact us
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