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We are a Defense and Advanced Security Technologies Trading Company with worldwide interests, working and complying with the highest market standards.

Our industry registration and policy ensures that we are providing the quality expected from a successful establish defense and security provider and our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property through a range of innovative and quality technologies, systems, services, knowledge and skilled personnel.

We pride ourselves on years of experience and excellent customer service as we were established by expertise members of the International Defense and Safety industry.

We deliver WHATEVER you want, WHEREVER you want it, WHENEVER you request it, with safety and accuracy at the best market prices and under the safest conditions!

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Air/Land/Sea Defense Systems & Solutions
Equipping air defense systems with modern guidance systems, day and night sights and devices, as well as navigation systems and automated control and combat systems, introducing unique, neural network and computer vision algorithms for video image processing into the on-board equipment.
Maritime and Land Security Services & Equipment
INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR is a defense and security consultant in maritime security industry
We assist, advise, suggest reputed PMSCs to our clients in the shipping industry.
All you need related to your personal equipment

Under contractual agreement with well known manufactures we supply UAVs and Drones systems and technology to all countries/entities that are not under any restriction or embargo from the European Union and/or the United Nations.
We also build to order (BTO) special drones and Tethered drones for special usage, such as our SPOOK, SPARROW, FF drones, SKYPATH Tethered drone and many other.
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Whatever you need, whenever you need it!

Since 2000 we are providing Defense, Safety and Advanced Security Technologies products and services in worldwide basis covering all the demand of our clients under the highest market standards

international amour is contractual business and strategic partner of many well known worldwide manufacturer in all products, special equipment and High Technology systems related to Defense, Security and Safety sectors.

Company keeps branches in various countries in order to well service its clients globally, while the group of International Armour is constituted by affiliated Companies and business partners in Security, Maritime Security and Land Security services as well as in Consultancy fields through Kroll Company as official and registered individual contractor.

We have the right gear you need at the right price and the legal way to purchase this. 

We never negotiate your safety and your Company's legality and reputation as we only deal under high standards!