Ranger R6SS

Man Portable Electronic Scanning, Long-Range Ground surveillance radar

The Ranger® R6SS is a man portable, ground-surveillance radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 10 kilometer range.

With its small size and lightweight, the Ranger R6SS has class leading target detection and acquisition performance in a man portable form factor.


- Force Protection
- Border Security
- Vehicle Dismount
- Artillery and Mortar Fire Correction
- UAS Detection

Key Features

- High Performance Ground Surveillance System
- Man Portable
- Built-in North Finding Capability
- Automatic Target Tracker
- Automatic Target Classification
- Low False Alarm Rate
- MIL - STD - 810G Qualified
- Built in GPS
Military Radars
Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. FLIR's ground surveillance radars let you know where detect and track multiple threat simultaneously at ranges beyond the fence line so security personnel can monitor and control their security zone by intercepting threats before they can complete their mission.

With next-generation “track while scan” capabilities in a ruggedized, mil-spec design, FLIR ground surveillance radars are exceptionally fast and have class leading target detection and acquisition performance
Ranger R20SS

Solid state, electronic scanning, long range ground surveillance radar

The Ranger® R20SS is a ground-surveillance radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 20 kilometer range.

With its electronic scanning capability and fast 2 Hz refresh rate, the Ranger R20SS has class leading target detection and acquisition performance.

The Ranger R20SS utilizes advanced tracking algorithms which enable fast detection and track initiation resulting in highly accurate target location with a low false alarm rate.

The system operates in the X-band for all weather operation and minimal effects from adverse weather and precipitation.

Fastest Electronic Scan Rate Available

The Ranger R20SS provides fast 90-degree, fixed sector coverage. Incorporating the next generation “track while scan” capabilities the entire 90-degree coverage area is covered twice per second.

When deployed on an optional pan/tilt device, the Ranger R20SS can provide 360-degree coverage.

Its low weight and easy implementation make it an ideal candidate for military vehicle applications and deployable in a man portable configuration.

As with the entire line of Ranger ground surveillance radars, the Ranger R20-SS provides high reliable system performance and 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence.
Ranger R5

Wide Area Surveillance for Desert Environments

The Ranger® R5 perimeter surveillance radar provides accurate, high resolution detection of vehicles and personnel.

This ground-based radar is designed to meet the rigors of a desert environment, providing 24/7 security to ranges of up to 5000m.

The Ranger R5 perimeter surveillance radar scans a full 360 degrees every second effectively monitoring up to 78 square kilometers (30 square miles).

Multiple units can be installed with overlapping coverage areas to protect larger areas such as borders.

As part of the FLIR integrated product suite, multiple units may be networked with any or all of the full range of FLIR radars and imagers to conform to terrain profiles and secure areas inside and outside a perimeter.

Using the radars’ advantage in detecting intruders, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can focus on their strength - identifying and assessing threats - for a more efficient and cost effective solution.
Also available models

- R5D (Dual Mode, Perimeter Surveillance Radar)
- R3 (High Resolution Perimeter Intrusion Detection
- Ranger R3D (Switchable, FMCW &Pulse Doppler Mid-Range Ground Surveillance Radar)
- Ranger R2 (High Resolution Wide Area Surveillance)
- Ranger R1Short-Range Ground Surveillance Radar)
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Catch it Early with E-Series

The Fastest Way to Capture, Analyze, and Share Thermal Images.
- Thermal resolutions from 160 x 120 up to 320 x 240
- Temperature range choices: 120°C (bx), 250°C, or 650°C
- Sensitivity down to 0.045°C on select E-Series bx models
- Fast image sharing from E40/50/60 with Wi-Fi mobile apps
- Dual charger and spare battery option for all-day operation
- 10-year detector warranty, 5 on battery, 2 on parts & labor
UNGM 400640