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MICH Helmet

This new helmet shell provides the same level of protective coverage and meets all of the US Army’s ACH CO/PD-05-04 2007 requirements with a shape that offers significant additional performance benefits.

Helmet's ballistic shell is based on FAST helmet pedigree with hybrid materials weighing a 1/2 lb. less than the ACH, but with processing improvements to provide even better ballistic back face deformation performance of less than 5/8” (16 mm)

This refined shell shape also provides better hearing localization and attenuation than the ACH with a modified ear area shape and is compatible with ARC rail mounted Peltor style hearing protection and COMMs devices (MICH).

The helmet utilizes an improved liner and suspension system that provides the same comfort and stability as our FAST helmets but with increased protection by mitigating blunt trauma impacts of 14 f/s instead of the traditional ACH requirement of 10 f/s.  New “Worm-Dial” occipital fit band adjustment system takes up less interior helmet space and weighs less than the rotary dial version used on our FAST helmet models.

Weight 1.42 Kg