RF Sensor

The DT RF Sensor is a passive, network-attached sensor for the detection of radio frequencies (RF). It supplements the DroneTracker System with another level of detection.

It scans a wide frequency band for radio frequencies, classifies and decodes them. Thus, drones with cameras for example, that send video signals in real time to a ground station, are identified.

The decoded data is recorded and available on the user interface.

L x W x H 250 mm x 185 mm x 188 mm (9.8” x 7.3” x 7.4”)

Operating Temperature-20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)

Weight 3.1 kg (6.8 lb)

Ingress Protection Rating IP54

Connectivity Fast-Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)

Power Supply active PoE+ (802.3at)

Power Consumption 15 W (typ.)

Range up to 1,000 m (3,300 ft)

Radio Frequency Omnidirectional passive sensing and classification
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Today anyone can attack in your life through a cheap Drone System available in market.

Have you imagine how a drone can violate your life in all levels (reputation, defamation, assassination..)?

There is hardly any other technology currently developing as fast as drone technology. However, the increase in drone efficiency also means more opportunities to misuse them for criminal purposes.
Our Drone Tracker Detects All Kinds of Drones!

Based on multiple parameters such as noise, shape, and movement patterns, it is unlike any other drone warning system able to reliably detect all types of drones. Our Drone Tracker guards against spying, smuggling, potential terrorist attacks and invasions of personal privacy.
Do you think PRISONS are safe?
Prisons are not safe!
Defend Drones

Many DEFEND DRONES manufacturer ensure us that they have the correct system that can defend a drone.

But the questions is .... how you will be able to defend a drone equipped with camera, GPS system etc. if you are not able to detect this first? Which security guard or fence or alarm or any other technology can defend a small or a micro or a nanotechnology drone that will easily violate your area or your property with main scope to damage your reputation, your business, your LIFE?

Our DE-DRONE system warrants that nothing will violate your area as it will be detected!
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Multi-Sensor Drone Warning System
Drone Tracker Detects All Kinds of Drones in distance up to 500m.

Drone Tracker is equipped with a unique system of interacting sensors.

Based on multiple parameters such as noise, shape, and movement patterns, it is unlike any other drone warning system able to reliably detect all types of drones.

The built-in camera saves images and videos in HD quality, providing crucial evidence of the threat intrusion

You can mount the Drone Tracker permanently to facades or special masts, in order to survey a defined section of the sky 24/7.

For mounting the Drone Tracker, we recommend different wall-mounting plates.

Developed for the permanent use at

- Prisons
- Industrial facilities
- Government facilities
- Embassies
- Nuclear power plants
- Private buildings
- Valid for many other commercial or public use
The size, speed and varying shape of drones make identification extremely difficult for a single monitoring method. Therefore, Drone Tracker utilizes an array of sensors to detect drones in real time.
(1) Audio / Ultrasonic
Acoustical sensors
Microphones have a reach of 50-80m. Civilian UAV's have typical acoustic characteristics that we use for their reliable detection.
(2) WLAN
Wi-Fi sensor

An integrated Wi-Fi-sensor detects the WLAN singals of drones. It also allows to identify certain drone models and even single devices.
SENSOR                      JAMMER                RF-SCANNER
(3) Near Infrared
Optical sensor (night)
The DroneTracker can be equipped with an infrared camera.
The data is interpreted by means of enhanced image analysis methods.
(4) Video / 10°-90°
Optical sensor (daylight)
Each DroneTracker is equipped with a daylight camera. We are using enhanced image analysis functions to analyze the live video feed.
Scalable for sites of all sizes
Drone Tracker is the only modular drone detection system on the market that can be adapted to your specific threat situation and the special conditions on-site.
Small sites with partial protection

Use one or a few DroneTrackers to protect especially sensible areas of your site or building, for example certain offices and conference rooms, or areas that are exposed to vast areas outside your fence.
Middle-sized sites with full protection

Protect critical buildings, inner courts or sensible areas from all sides against drones and monitor the airspace around the clock.
All sensors will be configured and managed centrally through our platform.
Large sites with maximum protection

Install any number of DroneTrackers and add other external sensors in order to protect a large site.
You can easily integrate third-party drone countermeasures such as jammers via APIs.
Do you know what
are capable for?
View video!
Open system for the integration of many sensors
The DroneTracker multi-sensor incorporates multiple different sensors, such as sonic and ultrasonic sensors, daylight and infrared cameras, and Wi-Fi sensors in one optimized piece of hardware. Via API, additional third-party sensors such as RF scanners, or radar can be integrated into the DroneTracker platform.
Automatic countermeasures
Depending on your individual security needs and legal preconditions, you can easily integrate third-party countermeasures into the DroneTracker platform and trigger them automatically via API.
How secure you are?

There is hardly any other technology currently developing as fast as drone technology.
However, the increase in drone efficiency also means more opportunities to misuse them for criminal purposes.
When your airspace is exposed, no longer are fences, video cameras, and security guards adequate to protect sensitive buildings or personal.
Complete your security portfolio with Drone Tracker
Prove that you recognize the current challenges by expanding your product range. Drone Tracker gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to offer your customers a solution to the threats currently posed by drones.
Huge increase in demand
There is rapidly growing demand for anti-drone technology - reflected in the increasing number of inquiries we receive daily from all over the world!
Drones Becoming More and More Powerful

Anyone can buy a drone that can carry up to 10 pounds and fly several miles through  the internet or in any local electrical goods store.
Using a GPS control system and autopilot, many of these small aircraft are able to fly programmed routes on their own without a pilot.
Who needs our De-Drone System?
Prevention of Arms and Drugs Smuggling

It’s a prison guard’s worst nightmare: an inmate suddenly has a gun, delivered directly to his cell window or dropped in the yard by a drone that can overcome any high wall or security system.

It’s now common for drugs, tobacco and cellphones to be smuggled into jails with drones - which are also used to send illegal “airfreight” consignments across national frontiers.
Protection Against Industrial Espionage & Terrorist Attacks

The risk of a drone taking high-definition pictures of documents, secret construction sites or board meetings is only one of many.

Non-military drones fitted with the right equipment can be misused for data espionage, sabotage, or even terrorist attacks.
They can intercept or interfere with radio and telecommunication signals, as well as bypassing conventional security personnel to smuggle sensitive information out of factories or offices.
PUBLIC (Embassies/Governments/Banks)
Protection against Espionage or Terrorist Attacks
on Public Institutions by Drones

Public buildings, courts of justice, government buildings and sports arenas are potential targets for espionage or - even more worryingly - terrorist attacks.

Vast amounts of time, effort and money must be invested in safeguarding the security of such locations. Until recently, automatic detection of hostile civilian drones was not possible, but now it is - thanks to our DroneTracker!
Protecting Land and Property against Drone Cameras

Everyone should be able to move with complete freedom - and in complete privacy - within the secure environment of their own property.
No-one wants to be spied on by a third person in their own private retreat. Especially celebrities, or other persons who are always in the public eye, need some inviolable space that strangers cannot penetrate. Only De-Drone offers you this security and privacy by identifying hostile drones and immediately raising the alarm, allowing counter-measures to be implemented right away.
Easily Controlled by Autopilot
Drone crashes in front of the White House (January 2015)

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday proposed a record $1.9 million fine against an aerial photography company for flying drones in crowded New York and Chicago airspace without permission
Complete Solution to Secure Your Airspace
Easy Configuration
Securing evidence
Immediate notifications
Real Time Tracking
Large Area Multitracking
DroneDNA database
Cloud-based services
Technical Support
Multi-Sensor Enabled
Enhanced API-Access
Protect yourself!
Only few seconds are needed for a small or a micro drone to real harms you!
Get Our Professional Drone Detection Solution
Use DroneTracker to reliably detect and identify criminal drones by means of multiple sensors, data fusion and intelligent software technology.
Drone Jammer

The jammer system can be equipped with two channels for portable applications to jam drones.

The system uses H.P.'s Direct Digital Synthesis Sweep and dedicated software to maximize its effectiveness.

This lightweight jamming system enables the operator to swiftly program the unit using a Windows®-based laptop or USB stick or using the integrated Hot Switch to instantly swap between two preset jamming configurations.

Drone Jammer - Technical Specification

Output voltage
Operating time
Battery type
Battery count

Input voltage
Input current
Charging time


Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Protection class

Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 2
Output power
Antenna type

Cable remote control
Matched antennas
MOLLE®-compatible fast mounting system
DDS Controller Software
Peli case for transportation
See Also Military Jammers
Easy to use, Easy to buy, Easy to hack!
See Also Military Jammers
Keep your data safe!
Secure your data!
Drones WAR! Is this possible?
Can the rapid expansion of drones technology turn a funny game to a real threat?
Drones WAR Scenario
What a HighTech Lethal drone can do?
Mobile System
De-DroneTracker Mobile

We have developed DroneTracker Event Kit for the temporary use, for example early drone detection at state visits, public conventions, concerts or sporting events.

The Event Kit comprises two tripods to which you can flexibly mount your DroneTracker Multi-Sensors or DT RF Sensor and set them up anywhere.

Scope of delivery

1 x Case (battery, fuses, energy management, router, 2x PoE+ injectors)
2 x Tripod
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Documentation
2 x Patch Cable

All components can be transported in one trolley, including a
DroneTracker Multi-Sensor and one DT RF Sensor. 

Each component is protected by its own fuse.

Developed for the temporary use, e.g. at ..

- State visits
- Public conventions
- Concerts
- Sporting events
Easy to Install

- lead people to safety
- block view
- lock doors and gates
- Inform security
- Jammer
- Electromagnetic Pulse
- Laser
Drone Detection Radar

Detection systems need to maintain their capabilities under low visibility conditions and in urban environments full of obstacles and moving objects.

The Drone Detection Radar is specifically designed to meet these challenges.

The radar system covers a full 360 degrees view. It detects larger fixed wing targets at a range of nine kilometres, and smaller multi-rotor drones detected at up to three kilometres.

However, completely securing an area, requires more than just range detection. It requires flexibility, reliability and provides unlimited coverage through its ability to combine multiple radar devices into an integrated sensor network.

The output from multiple sensors is incorporated into one unambiguous picture
Detection range
Classification range
Beam width
Azimuth resolution
Range resolution
Rotation speed
Dimensions (W*D*H)
3 - 9 km, depending on target size
1.1 km
10° x 10°

1,5 m
X Band 9650 MHz
60 RPM, update rate 1 Hz
0,9 x 0,9 x 0,8 m excl. mount
83 kg
230 VAC
Modular UAV Jamming System

The jammer system uses H.P.'s Direct Digital Synthesis Sweep and dedicated software to maximize its effectiveness.

The system enables the operator to program the system quickly using a Windows®-based notebook or USB stick in order to adapt to any given threat scenario or use the system as tactical jammer.

The jammer system will jam drones using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, WLAN 2.4 GHz and from 5000-6000 MHz.

It is a field proven system and used in several missions e.g. to protect events, VIP´s etc.


- Omni Directional antenna set
- Modular System -Upgradable-
- Notebook
- DDS Controller Software for dedicated system programming
Protection class

Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Channel 4
Channel 5
520 mm x 520 mm x 520 mm
65 kg

Frequency bands and output power (example)

1559 - 1610 MHz / 40 W / omni directional
2400 - 2483,5 MHz / 50 W / omni directional
2400 - 2483,5 MHz / 50 W / omni directional
5725 - 5875 MHz / 20 W / omni directional
430 - 480 MHz / 50 W / omni directional
Jammer (w/o antennas)