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Delivering The Leading Mobile Tethered Hovering Platform In The World

Whether your mission is locating illegal attempting to cross your border, crowd control at a political rally, or perhaps increasing security at your local electricity plant, HoverMast Aquila system, tethered hovering machine, combines engineering genius and innovative materials to provide exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities.
Easy Launch
Completely Autonomous After Takeoff
All Carbon Fiber & Kevlar
Durable Desinge
Fully Automated
The Cumulus has a large payload area, which can handle up to 600g payload
There are many possibilities for customization and future sensor upgrades

Versatile payload
Deployment time <5 min
Top speed 108 km/h (30 m/s)
Flight Time 150 min
Hand launched
Deep-stall landing within 10×10 m
Product liability
1 Year Warranty
2 Year Extended Warranty Care+ (optional)
2 Year Service Plan (optional)
Professional Services

We use small drones for aerial survey mapping of terrains and objects
Aerial Photo

Our team has many years of experience in professional photo from the air
Aerial Video

We are fully qualified, experienced, insured so we can legally facilitate in aerial filming with a dron
Search & Rescue

Our Drones are designed to provide cost effective, real time data and imaging, day or night
Aerial Imagery & 3D modeling

We offer aerial imagery and 3D mapping services for a variety of applications
Engineering & Construction surveys

Drones Aviation is able to provide a wide product range for engineering applications
Archaeological Survey

We use UAVs to discover and record archaeological sites
Environmental Monitoring

Environment monitoring service provides regular and systematic reference information on the state of the physical environment
Our small-unmanned aircraft (drones) are capable to reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’ or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.
An eye in the sky

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide real-time visual information and data in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane.
Cumulus UAV
Mapping/GIS Services
We use drones (small unmanned helicopters and planes) for aerial surveys and mapping.

This is achieved by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. With these pictures we create 3D digital elevation and terrain models as well as orthophoto mosaics.

First of all drones are very quick to deploy as they can even be flown with cloud cover.

The results are also better, both in resolution and accuracy, as the pictures are taken much lower than conventional aerial photography.

The individual images can be adjusted for the elevations in the terrain corrected for color differences due to changing weather conditions.

All the pictures can then be joined into a seamless orthophoto mosaic.

As the image is fully to scale it can then be imported directly in a CAD or GIS as a backdrop and used for measuring or mapping.
Engineering & Construction surveys
Image processing & GIS
Aerial Imagery & 3D Modeling
Oil & Gas
Mining & Volumetrics
Enviromental Monitoring
Forestry surveying
Precision Agriculture
Archeological Surveys
Coastal Management

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CULUMUS is an extremely easy-to-use and highly autonomous fixed wing drone built in first class materials for agricultural scouting, mapping and surveying.

The aircraft is made from the best Carbon fiber and Kevlar, which makes it the most robust UAV on the market.

The Cumulus is a completely autonomous system. Once the mission planning is completed the aircraft is hand launched and will carry out the mission and return to base where it lands vertically (deep stall) with high precision.

Time-saving and cost-effective solution for gathering geo-referenced digital aerial images, which enables you to focus your energy on using and analysing data, rather than working out how to gather it.

Worker safety is of paramount importance to anyone involved in mining industry. By allowing Cumulus to collect accurate spatial data from above, the system can vastly reduce risk by minimising the time staff spend on site.

Cumulus UAV provides the ability to optimize inputs and to drive down costs. Whole-field, in-season, current condition data is one of the most valuable pieces of information, which is exactly what Cumulus delivers.

Severe damage to infrastructures and high casualties caused by natural disasters call upon great organizations of volunteers who has devoted their own lives to save others. Areas are often large and unmanageable which fast UP-TO-DATE aerial mapping counteract