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Military Defense and NGO containers

Containers and shelters able to satisfy mobility requirements of military forces and non governmental organizations for humanitarian relief operations.

Governmental bodies as army needs containers for transport and storage of all kind of goods.

Cabin containers can be used like accommodation solution for troops, refrigerated containers used for catering services, mobile hospital units and dangerous goods storage containers. Institutions and councils use containers and cabins for temporary storage and accommodation,

including containers for telecommunications and for power supply.

Worldwide aid organizations use containers to supply goods to any place.

The product line is developed to comply containers with MIL and STANAG regulations and certified CSC, TIR, UIC and to be transported by air C130J or by helicopter CH47.

All components have been used to supply self-functioning, a reduced maintenance, an easy deployment, a daytime and nigh time operative in areas with temperature ranging from -32°C to +55°C.
- NBC Laboratory
- Freezer Container Unit
- Office Container
- Container Shower Unit
- Portable Armory Container
- Mobile Toilets Container
- Military Mobile Bakery
- Military Refrigeration Unit
- Portable Kitchen Container
- Mobile Laundry Shelter
- Military Food Pantry
- Military Bakery Container
- Medical Container
Tailored Containers

Numerous configurations are available to suit any mission, including tactical operations centers, NBC laboratory, briefing rooms, ablution units, laundry facilities, showers unit, kitchens, supply and part storage, sleeping quarters, water treatment and storage, as well as tire maintenance facilities.