We are dedicated to deliver personal ballistic protection solutions.

The inherent benefits to our customers are physical reliability, simplified, servicing requirements and ready availability of parts and maintenance facilities.

We close cooperate with International manufacturers and we fully represent high quality bullet resistance and stab protective products as our philosophy is to always have only satisfying users in worldwide basis.

We care and we are protecting your life through a wide range of special ballistic protection products for Police, Military, Governmental Organizations, Commercial Companies and Civilians.

All our products are produced under International standards and are complying all rules and regulations of NIJ, ISO 9001, AS 9100  while all products are tested and certified as conforming to the highest level of performance and compliance by the leading certification agencies across the world.

Safety First!

We also supply Security and Maritime Security  Companies with quality full ballistic armor sets (Bulletproof vests, Helmets, Ballistic plates) and firearms in order they are safe acting against gun fires and especially against rifles AK 47

All our ballistic products are well tested and accomplish all NIJ standards, in order your crew not only to feel safe but to real be safe! 
We cooperate in close and under contractual agreements with the most known international manufacturers of ballistics in order we keep you safe and secure.
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